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sci.aeronautics.simulation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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sas moderator

Jun 27, 2004, 7:02:33 AM6/27/04
Welcome to sci.aeronautics.simulation, a moderated Usenet newsgroup
currently moderated by George William Herbert <>

Charter, from the Call for Votes for sci.aeronautics.simulation,
which was posted Jun 8, 1994, and the results posted July 11, 1994.
For more information, see URL:

Note that the moderator information is obsolete.


A moderated discussion group dealing with the implementation of flight and
systems models on computers. This includes, but is not restricted to:
- the definition of such models
- acquisition and modeling of flight parameters
- design and implementation of onboard systems models
- design and implementation of powerplant models
- standardization of commonly required data, such as flight
parameter databases, navaid databases, etc.
- design of cab-based implementations of flight simulators

The newsgroup will be moderated by Robert Dorsett,
The contact address will be,
requests to


There is a close relationship between this group and sci.aeronautics:
however, simulation requires more than simply implementing physical
equations, and this group will strive to address the specific issues
that implementors must face. The group is offered as moderated to
keep it on track, and to try to avoid thread mutation into topics that
might belong on other groups. It should also help stop commercial
direct-marketers, who post to inappropriate groups, selling everything
>from hand cream to visa applications.

I will work in concert with the moderators of sci.aeronautics (Mary
Shafer) and sci.aeronautics.airliners (Karl Swartz) to control the
topical focus of relevant articles.

What the group is not about

- Generic simulation issues (handled by comp.simulation)
- Validating games (rec.aviation.simulators,
- Using flight games

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