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May 31, 2011, 9:13:54 AM5/31/11
Dear Friends,

We would like to take an opportunity to introduce ourselves. Some time
around a year back, we have moved to Augusta from Houston. We found
Augusta as one city where we could enjoy the natural beauty,
appreciate the Indian community’s strong presence and found it to be
an ideal location to raise our child.

It is barely 150 miles east of Atlanta and also shares its border with
South Carolina. So, we have the freedom to live on either side of the
two states across the Savannah River. You might be aware that the
Governor of South Carolina is of Indian origin; and we were proud to
be a part of her election campaign.

Augusta is known internationally for hosting national golf tournament
every year, which attracts the best players. The city gets sizeable
funding from all such events. We also have lot of professionals of
Indian origin living in this city. There are roughly 6000 engineering
professionals from India working in different organizations, mainly
the Savannah River site which is a nuclear power plant. We are
enrolled with the local Lions Club to be a part of this strong
community. We are deeply involved in hearing aid, eye glasses and cell
phone recycling projects. Such activities provide an opportunity not
only to help the community in numerous ways, but also to raise funds
for further group activities. As compared to my wife, I can always
find more time to contribute towards activities for the community; I
am glad even though I do not belong to the medical field as my wife, I
am doing my bit for the community.

What I would like to bring to the table is, if it be possible we can
organize weekly conference call or we can even plan for regular
meetings as well for this cause. Please let me know about people from
GA, SC, NC area so that it would be easy for us to organize these
conference calls/ meetings. Later on we can also schedule some
meetings. Let us organize these weekly calls in US and we can focus on
weekly basis for this cause. Also we should consider enlisting our
organization in charity ranking database who maintain ranks based on
organization’s credibility. Secondly, we need to have transparency for
our cause, for our members and for our donors as well as community. We
would not include any administrative cost for any of these projects.
There would be 100% utilization of the funds provided by donors. This
would help sponsors build confidence in our activities and also
enhance the reputation of the organization.

As I have mentioned earlier, there are lots of organizations which are
involved in such projects so there would exist a sort of competition;
but what would help us stand apart from others is that we are trying
to impart a totally different operating mechanism and structure right
up from the beginning, rather than providing a different touch at the
final phases. So let us do our part of this exercise, the results I
would say lie in the hands of God. I am sure, a couple of years from
now, when we would look backwards on the journey we have transcended
we are gonna be proud of this initiative of ours.

We all do different things for our lives and for the community, but
these are some ways which unite us and impart strength to succeed in
our endeavors. There is more work that needs to be done; so let us
share this burden among ourselves as there is no task that can be
deemed impossible.

Please share your thoughts as this is our journey, and let us
strengthen ourselves to reach our destiny. We are also trying to get
corporate sponsorship for which I have already initiated discussions
with some of the potential corporate sponsors. We are still putting
together this presentation draft which can then be presented to them.
If anybody would like to be involved and contribute during these
corporate sponsorship event or meetings, please email me or call me (
706-726-1126 or

Thanks and Regards
Kumar, Augusta GA

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