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School of HONK mailing list guidelines.
This is a social list for the School of HONK community, to organize hang outs, share related events and opportunities, and discuss issues of relevance to our group of community-minded, spectacle-oriented, brass-loving members. We ask everyone on this list to abide by some simple but important guidelines:

Stay on topic.
School of HONK members have lots of interests, but this discussion group is meant for messages related to the School of HONK. Ask yourself “Is this likely to be of interest to most School of HONK members?” If there is another discussion group better suited (e.g. bikes, programming, craigslist, etc.), this isn't the right list. The more we stick with our common interests, the less likely we are to tune out.

Respect the inbox.
Be respectful with the quantity and quality of messages you send to this group. Use brief but helpful subject lines, and keep threads on topic. When in doubt, reply only to sender; keep logistical back-and-forths and personal tête-à-têtes off-list; and send your single word "hurrays" directly to the person for whom they are intended. In short, please be thoughtful about people's time, attention, and inboxes!

Some conversations are best had off-line.
Discussions over email can be fun and inspiring, helping us feel connected to each other even when we're not in the same place. But some topics can lead to conflict or misunderstanding, especially when tackled over email. If that happens with this list, anyone has the option of requesting that an email thread by halted and taken up in person, for everyone's sake, and we should all be respectful of these requests.

In the meantime, let’s all work to keep discussion upbeat, respectful and family friendly!