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May 9, 2020, 6:08:17 PM5/9/20
to School Garden Support Organization Network
Today's children rarely know anything about gardening, neither do their parents. The only way to teach both the children and the parents is by teaching both generations at their local Schools. Today's crisis should point out to everyone how much the parents now depend on the school districts to feed their children.  In my town, and I am sure in others also, there is a group that sends backpacks of food home with children on Fridays so that they have foo for the weekend. I will never understand how we have gotten to this point, all I know is that we have to start somewhere.In many cases, it is poverty, just a small garden could go a long way to supply some healthy produce for the family.  In the plan that I am implementing locally, we are also taking the produce that we are growing in our Schools, and teaching the kids simple healthy meals like veggie omelettes, fresh fruit and tomato salsa, big healthy salads, roasted vegetables, veggie pizzas, and crustless veggie quiches.
We have 6 gardens in our schools now, and when school opens back up, we hope to install at least 12 during the school year. 
I know that the financial burden on the schools after being closed is going to be bad, so I maintain a database of over 150 grants and scholarships, along with a professionally written grant, and Curriculum for the class at no cost. If anyone wants a copy please email me at I will need your City, County and State to make sure that I can effectively alter the search accurately. I also have a list of COVID 19 grants and healthy free snacks grants that I will include.
Thank you stay safe and health!
Barb Wehmer

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