Amy Sidran

Apr 9, 2020, 11:34:44 AM4/9/20
to School Garden Support Organization Network

Dear Principals, Teachers, and Interested Parties,

We request your participation in a survey about school gardens. We are collecting data about schools that currently have a school garden or have had a garden within the last ten years. If you are affiliated with or know of such a school, we ask for your help in distributing this electronic survey to the school.

The survey on Sustainable School Gardens should be completed by one (and only one) person at a school. This should be the main person responsible for the management or oversight of the garden project, or another person who is highly knowledgeable about the garden project.

This survey is sent from researchers at Washington State University. All data collected is anonymous and non-personal. Data will be analyzed in aggregate, and no data will be traceable to an individual respondent or school district. The intent of the survey is to identify factors that increase or decrease the likelihood that a school garden will be sustainable and successful. Participation is voluntary and consists of completing an online survey (estimated time 10-20 minutes). Refusal to participate, either total or partial, will not result in penalty or punishment.

This study has been certified as exempt from the need for review by the Washington State University Institutional Review Board.

We greatly appreciate your time and effort in providing this data. Please email if there are any questions about this survey.

Link to survey.


Amy J. Sidran

Graduate Student


Lynne Carpenter-Boggs

Professor of Soil Science, Principal Investigator

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