New location for official R7RS-WG1 repo

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John Cowan

Oct 1, 2017, 9:38:31 PM10/1/17
I have uploaded the repo for the R7RS-small report to <>.  Because it is a Mercurial repo, I decided to use Bitbucket instead of Github just to keep things simple for me.

There are three branches:

draft-10: the official approved version
errata: the official version with errata 1-23 and 25 applied
wg2: preliminary working drafts of SRFIs for R7RS-large, now obsolete.

If you find an error, post it to this list.

John Cowan
        Sound change operates regularly to produce irregularities;
        analogy operates irregularly to produce regularities.
                --E.H. Sturtevant, ca. 1945, probably at Yale

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