Ships_in_range and auto attack

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Konstantin Petrovic

Feb 4, 2015, 7:50:18 PM2/4/15
I know ships_in_range returns 1 if true and 0 if not, but how i can search for ships ID that are in range so i can enter that ID in attack continuesly ? I still dont know much about scripting so i am going first to learn how to handle this and after that i will focus on making scripts...


Feb 5, 2015, 12:04:12 AM2/5/15
Try using the ships_in_range view. You can access it just like a table:

SELECT * FROM ships_in_range;

This will return all the IDs needed to make an attack, as well as other information like the health of the enemy ship and exact location. 

Konstantin Petrovic

Feb 5, 2015, 9:35:52 AM2/5/15
Thx for your quick answer, this game is great for those which learn SQL.. I have few questions and if you answer them for me it would be most helpful for me in playing this game.

I know on each new round new homeplanet is generated if you already lost your homeplanet to some other player but if you still own it does new round destroy it and generate new homeplanet for player or not ?

If i mine with few ships my homeplanet can some other ship (enemy ship) mine it too or he first need to destroy my ships ? If he can mine same planet which my ship(s) mine than how it is decided who won resources, ship of player with biggest PROSPECTING or what ?

How does destroying ships works, i know if health of my ship(s) is dropped to 0 these ships will be alive for next 3 ticks which gives me chance to repair them and defend my planet, is that correct or not ?

And last thing i wanna ask is using a database client and a programming language, how that works ? I play this game from my browser i guess it would be much better if i do it from some db client, which one would you recommend to me ? And using a programming language, how that works, i saw decent list of programming languages, i am good with C so how that would work (if you can give me example)

I hope you will answer me on these questions, sry if i made you trouble with all of this questions but answering them would help me much in advancing in this game...
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