How to add US time zone to schedulix

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Jan 21, 2020, 4:23:30 PM1/21/20
to schedulix
I am using schedulix v2.9.  Do you know how we can add US time zone (Pacific time zone) to schedulix?  Looks like by default it only supports GMT or Berlin.

Ronald Jeninga

Jan 22, 2020, 3:43:49 AM1/22/20
to schedulix
Hi HV,

it is pretty simple to add or remove time zones.
Proceed like the following:

1. Open the Zope Administration page in your browser.
    I'll assume that it is reachable as localhost:8080, you might have to change the computer name.
    Thus you open the following page: http://localhost:8080/manage

2. You now see a kind of directory showing folders and plain objects.
    Please select the folder Custom here

3. You are now in the custom folder and you'll find a python script called timeZones
    (It'll probably be the last entry in the list).
    Open this script (i.e. click on it and Zope will offer you an editor page)

4. You now see a long, very long list of all time zones we could find.
    Somewhere there you'll find the required time zone.
    Remove the hash sign and save it.

Now the Pacific time zone will be available to the GUI.
After removing references to Europe/Berlin (our time zone), you can repeat the above steps and comment it out, if desired.




Jan 27, 2020, 8:55:23 AM1/27/20
to schedulix
Thank you Ronald.
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