Way to shutdown job server (agent) in linux

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Mar 10, 2020, 2:06:51 PM3/10/20
to schedulix
Last month I built schedulix 2.9 successfully and was able to run smoothly.

Currently to shutdown job server, I have to kill process using process id.  I am guessing there is other way doing that that I am not aware of.
Could you please let me know?

Best regards,

Dieter Stubler

Mar 11, 2020, 2:35:40 AM3/11/20
to schedulix

to shutdown a job server you can use sdmsh or the GUI shell (schedulix >= 2.9) to issue the command : 


or you ca use GUI's 'Jobserver and Resources' to navigate to and select the job server to shut down and click the 'Shutdown' button (the button with the red dot).
This can also be done on Scope Level like:
to shutdown all job servers below scope GLOBAL.'EXAMPLES' or even:

shutdown GLOBAL

to shutdown all of your job servers.

Since there is no master agent running as root to be able to set uid to start agents on your managed machines, you have to restart the the jobservers on your machines manually.
For this reason, suspending job servers might be the better choice in most use cases.
Just replace 'shutdown' with 'suspend' in above commands or use the 'Suspend' button in the GUI (the button ith the red hand) to suspend a single jobserver or all job servers below a scope.
Suspended job servers will not execute new jobs but will report the completion of jobs already running back to the schedulix server.
Replace 'suspend' with 'resume' or GUI 'Resume' button (button with green hand) to make the job server(s) continue executing jobs.
This way you can suspend and resume execution of new jobs by one or more jobservers without login into the job servers machines.

Hope this helps.



Mar 11, 2020, 9:04:33 AM3/11/20
to schedulix
Thank you Dieter

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