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Raphael Lorenz

Jun 5, 2019, 8:28:45 AM6/5/19
to schedulix
Hello everybody,

the command "list job with name in (SYSTEM.'CDCCONFIGURATION '.' CLEANUP '.' CLEANUP_JS1 ');" works without problems.
But if I use "list job with name in (SYSTEM.'CDCCONFIGURATION '.' CLEANUP ');" I get the message 0 Object (s) found.
How can I select the main folder so that all subJobs can be found?

Enclosed a picture of the structure:


Ronald Jeninga

Jun 5, 2019, 9:56:27 AM6/5/19
to schedulix
Hi Raphael,

are you looking for Jobs, or Job Definitions?

In case of the latter, use a statement like

list folder system.cdconfiguration.cleanup;

Or, in case of a deeper hierarchy

list folder system.cdconfiguration.cleanup with expand = all;

If you are looking for all Jobs that have their definition somewhere below the CLEANUP folder, you'll have to use the like operator, e.g.

list job with name like 'SYSTEM\.CDCONFIGURATION\.CLEANUP\..*';

The like operator accepts standard regular expressions (see also Java documentation).

Hope this helps.

Best regards,


PS. Since you've used valid identifiers as names, there's no need to quote them.
And this is why I can use unquoted lowercase names in the List Folder statements.
In case of the like operator, you'll have to write a regular expression that matches the names in uppercase.

If you've used quoting to store mixed case names, you'll need quoting in the List Folder statement too.
And the regular expression must of course match the casing you've chosen, but without the quotes.
(The quotes just tell the system that the identifier is in mixed case and can contain special characters like blanks, but they are not part of the identifier itself).
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