Can't Add Children to a Batch Object

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Feb 11, 2019, 4:26:05 AM2/11/19
to schedulix
Hi All,

I was able to successfully create a Batch Object. Followed the suggestion convention to put it under a folder of the same name. 

I'm testing Schedulix Version 2.8.

Followed the video tutorial from schedulix site but on after creating the batch object, I clicked on the create object icon,  under the properties tab, there isn't any option to "Add as a Child" same to that in the tutorial video. 

Nevertheless I continued creating three more job objects. On the part where I'm supposed to set the dependencies of the jobs to each other (that's by clicking on the batch object and then clicking on "Hierarchy" icon), the jobs I created doesn't show under the batch object. The only object under the navigation panel on the left, is just the batch object.

The documentation guide doesn't say much about creating a batch object either.

Is creating a batch object and adding jobs under it different in the schedulix version (2.8) I'm using than that in the tutorial video on the site? Or I've missed some configurations somewhere?

Can someone direct me where to go or what to do please?

Thanks in advance.


Ronald Jeninga

Feb 11, 2019, 4:43:22 AM2/11/19
to schedulix
Hi Xander,

please have a look at your GUI user settings (schedulix!Web Users in the main menu).
There is an option: Enable Batch In Folder Convention Support
If that option is switched off, the "Add as a Child" won't ever show up.

In fact, if you have this option switched on and you choose to create a batch, the GUI will ask you if it should create the folder as well.

This convention arose many years ago in a huge data warehouse environment.
They have huge job flows consisting of thousands of jobs. The convention simplifies understanding the role of a job just by looking at the full qualified name.
We definitely didn't remove that in 2.8.
But we also don't make rules (if possible). Anyone is entitled to use the system she/he thinks is best for her/him.

Anyway, please check the setting. And if it's turned on, please advise and we'll investigate the matter further.

Best regards,


PS: To add those 3 jobs as children to your batch, open the Tab Children, then click the selector button (2 squares and an arrow).
A new window/tab will open. Now copy the 3 jobs, close the new window (if it didn't automatically close on copy) and hit the paste button.

Feb 11, 2019, 10:49:55 PM2/11/19
to schedulix
Hi Ronald,

Yes, you're right. It's just that "Enable Batch In Folder Convention Support" option.


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