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Bereket Workie Anteneh

Jun 30, 2021, 2:56:31 PMJun 30
to scalismo
Dear Scalismo Community,

I am doing landmark analysis error for my SSM project with Scalismo version 0.90 and Scala version 2.12.6.
Unfortunately,  when I use the package "scala.collection.JavaConversions" my project code error said  "Symbol JavaConversions is deprecated". It said "use JavaConverters". When I use the package "scala.collection.JavaConverters"  some of my code lines also show an error. I tried to read a lot from google and from my google reading  the package "scala.collection.JavaConversions" works since Scala version 2.8.0 to 2.11 and the package "scala.collection.JavaConverters" works  since Scala version 2.12.0 up to recent versions.  As I explained before when I use the package "scala.collection.JavaConversions" an error of  "Symbol JavaConversions is deprecated" is shown. It said "use JavaConverters". When I use the package "scala.collection.JavaConverters"  some of my lines of the code also shows an error. 
So, would you help me please how I can fix those issues?

With Regards,

Marcel Luethi

Jul 2, 2021, 3:28:06 AMJul 2
to Bereket Workie Anteneh, scalismo
Dear Bereket

As far as I know, you should use  CollectionConverters
to convert scala collections to java collections.

As this is not a Scalismo related issue, and I have not used them in my projects, I need to refer you to the appropriate scala groups for further information.

Best regards,

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