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Bereket Workie Anteneh

Mar 5, 2021, 6:45:15 AMMar 5
to scalismo
Dear Scalismo community,

I am doing SSM project for the proximal femur bone and I establish 9 landmark points to establish correspondence between the datasets and the reference shape. Since I am new for ssm building in Scalismo with IDE, I challenged a little bit what I do on the process as well as the coding issue.
 So would you help me please, what I have to do to accomplish the project starting from the basics ?

With regards,

Marcel Luethi

Mar 6, 2021, 2:37:37 AMMar 6
to Bereket Workie Anteneh, scalismo
Dear Bereket

The best starting point is to go through the tutorial codes that you find on the scalismo website https://scalismo.org/docs/ . All the code given in the examples is running Scalismo code and the examples illustrate the basic shape modelling tasks that you need in coding up an application.

If you struggle with Scala, I would advise you to spend a day or two learning the basics. There are many great resources available. A good starting point is here:

Best regards,


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