Scalaris 0.7.2 released

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Nico Kruber

Oct 23, 2014, 12:55:51 PM10/23/14
We are happy to announce the new bugfix release of Scalaris, 0.7.2.
It fixes severe problems encountered in the "Wiki on Scalaris" and the replica
repair algorithms. Further (notable) changes are listed below.

As usually, the source can be downloaded from

Packages for various linux distributions are available in the Open Build

The latest stable version is available in our main repository:

Subversion snapshots are available in this repository:

For more instructions on how to use the prebuild packages, see

Scalaris' Java-API (in different versions) is also available in our maven
repository at:

Scalaris 0.7.2 - October 23, 2014
(partly supported by the EU project IES Cities
and the EIT ICT Labs project MCData)


- fix ArchLinux packages with newest Java versions

Demonstrator "Wiki on Scalaris":

- fix the separate count key optimisation not using Scalaris' increment

Business Logic:

- rrepair: let the trivial algorithm assume the worst case in order to always
meet the configured "recon probability of one error" (p1e)
- rrepair: fix the trivial algorithm having an effectively doubled p1e
- rrepair: fix the bloom algorithm having an effectively tripled p1e
- rrepair: allow disabling byte-alignment


- fix a few minor bugs
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