Scalaris 0.7.1 released

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Nico Kruber

Sep 30, 2014, 7:35:15 PM9/30/14
We are happy to announce the new bugfix release of Scalaris, 0.7.1.
It includes support for new Linux distributions, systemd and SELinux, more
robust (yet still experimental) support for active load balancing, a new
framework for cyclon and vivaldi, several smaller performance optimisations
and numerous bug fixes. Please refer to the most notable changes, listed

As usually, the source can be downloaded from

Packages for various linux distributions are available in the Open Build
Service. The repository layout has changed and as of now we provide only the
latest stable releases and periodic development snapshots:

The latest stable version is available in our main repository:

Subversion snapshots are available in this repository:

For more instructions on how to use the prebuild packages, see

Scalaris' Java-API (in different versions) is also available in our maven
repository at:

Scalaris 0.7.1 - September 30, 2014
(partly supported by the EU project IES Cities
and the EIT ICT Labs project MCData)


- add support for new distribution versions
- support systemd and SELinux
- include daemon for monitoring Scalaris through JMX


- Java-API: integrate new OtpErlang library (1.5.10 from Erlang 17.3)

Demonstrator "Wiki on Scalaris":

- fix storing template back-links for magic words
- fix ARTICLE_COUNT partitioning with hashes

Business Logic:

- more robust (still experimental) support for active load balancing with
Karger and Ruhl's algorithm including more flexible "load" definitions
- rm_tman: less overhead by only sending unknown nodes to neighbours
- slide: better support for slide aborts
- node join: less overhead during joins, especially in setups with huge
lists of known nodes
- cyclon: move to new gossip framework
- vivaldi: move to new gossip framework
- monitor: move performance monitor to the basic_services group
(once per VM)


- several smaller performance optimisations
- support for Erlang R13B01 up to 17.3 and current otp master


- some new unit tests and higher test coverage


- add rrepair sequence diagrams


- fix numerous bugs
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