The Future of ScalaSTM

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Jun 20, 2013, 5:55:13 AM6/20/13
hi, everyone, 

I notice that scalaSTM project has not made any progress for a few months. So I am a little worried about it's future.

Will the development be continued? Will it become part of scala standard library someday? Is there any plan or roadmap ?


Nathan Bronson

Jun 20, 2013, 8:15:23 AM6/20/13
I am committed to supporting ScalaSTM for the indefinite future. I haven't done much development lately because I implemented all the features that users requested, and I know of no bugs. I haven't needed to repackage and deploy because Scala 2.10 is binary compatible across minor versions. (I did push 2.11.0-M3 builds recently, but I didn't update the website to reflect them due to their M status.)

Since the STM doesn't need special access to the compiler or libraries, the only compelling reason to include it in the standard library is if other standard library components rely on it. That's not currently the case, so it is better to keep it outside. It is hosted on Maven central, so downloading it is as easy as including it in the build dependency list.

It is possible that macros could make the syntax more concise, but I have no concrete plans to experiment with that.

Thanks for your interest,

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Nathan Grasso Bronson

Bryan Hunt

Jun 20, 2013, 8:10:21 AM6/20/13

Perhaps it's reached the point where it does everything that anyone would want, and has no need for further development?

From what I've seen it's rock solid, and has a comprehensive API.

Consider Fawlty Towers, only 12 episodes, and never a bad one, I hope the Scala-STM developers don't succumb to feature creep.

Akka is also using it for their Atomics and Transactors, so it's probably going to stay around for as long as Akka does.


Bryan Hunt

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