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Gavin Baumanis

Jul 1, 2017, 3:07:30 AM7/1/17
to Melbourne Scala User Group
Hi Everyone,

In an effort to increase my Functional programming - I thought I would do some learning of Haskell.
Not because I am not happy with Scala - but just you HAVE TO do it the FP way with Haskell.

Subsequently, I thought I would ask, what IDE / editor you use?

I use eclipse - but the eclipse plugin for Haskell no longer wirks with the latedt version of eclipse and is not maintained.

i tried to use;

but for some reason - I can't seem to get "indenting" to work.

It most likely the case that it is just my use of it - that is faulty - but I thoguht I would also see what everyone else is using - just in case there is a better option available that I am not aware of - and it also means that if I have any issues with the editor - I'll be able to ask for some help.



Logan Campbell

Jul 1, 2017, 3:53:32 AM7/1/17
to scala...@googlegroups.com
I use the Haskell layer in Spacemacs. Found it quite nice. Underlining of errors and buffer evaluation into a repl within emacs. Syntax highlighting and indentation both worked fine.

If you're coming inclined Spacemacs does default to come key bindings despite being Emacs.

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