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Jason Zaugg

May 3, 2010, 12:14:08 PM5/3/10
to Scala Fresh
Hi Guys,

Thanks for organising this initiative. It resonates with a few of the
conversations we had at Scala Days. Scalaz will participate. I'm
reasonably familiar with Hudson, Nexus and SBT, so I'll help out where
I can.

We build using SBT, and have dependencies on specs and scalacheck.
Trunk is the only currently active branch, version 5.0-SNAPSHOT which
is tracking Scala 2.8.0 release candidates. Sources are here:

I've been thinking about the permutations of builds. I'll enumerate
them with examples:

Library Version: Scalacheck may build 1.7 and 1.8-SNAPSHOT. Upstream
projects should try to rely on 1.7 to reduce the number of variables
to solve

Scala Branch: Currently we're concentrating on a trunk version of
Scala, but in the future, there may be additional branches from the
greenhouse or incubator that would benefit from continuous integration
against our projects. The same applies to maintained branches of old
versions, which is planned for the official Scala support

Milestones of the Scala Branch: Weekly / Daily.

Scala Compiler Options: Does -optimize break your library? Do you
require -no-specialization? To start with, such permutations should be
handled by multiple builds of a project with various options, but not
propagated to upstream projects.

Each project will support a subset of the possible combinations, and
will need the build parameterized across these dimensions, including
configuring suitable branches. The 'Matrix Configuration' feature [1]
of Hudson might come in useful, although I haven't used it myself.

This hyper-dimensional build cube can safely be projected to one or
two dimensions to start out: let's get the basics working first :)


[1] http://ericlefevre.net/wordpress/2007/07/29/matrix-project-building-with-hudson/

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David Pollak

May 4, 2010, 5:10:56 PM5/4/10
to scala...@googlegroups.com

Welcome!  Awesome!  I'm really glad that we can make ScalaZ part of this project.

I spoke with Martin this morning and he's thumbs up on Fresh Scala.

I've set up http://fresh-scala.org to point to Posterous.  We can post build logs and whatever else to that posterous instance.

PaulP -- What's the ETA of having the fresh-scala branch set up in your GitHub repo?

Josh -- What's the status of having the build system building?

Thanks all!

Party on!

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Josh Suereth

May 4, 2010, 5:15:12 PM5/4/10
to scala...@googlegroups.com
I'm still temporarily transient, however I will be in Mountain View, CA as of Sunday Evening.   I'll do what I can now with getting the staging repo set up, buy can't work in earnest until Monday evening...

In any case,  anyone in the CA area mind meeting next week?  Not necessary but a nicety.

This is also my last week of "homelessness" so I should have more time shortly ;)

I can probably get a scala build going with tests based on Paul's branch.   Just let me know where.  

- Josh

Jonas Bonér

May 4, 2010, 5:20:31 PM5/4/10
to scala...@googlegroups.com
All great news. Thanks all.
Jonas Bonér

work: http://jayway.com
code: http://akkasource.com
blog: http://jonasboner.com
twitter: @jboner
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