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Josh Suereth

May 24, 2010, 9:45:20 PM5/24/10
to Scala Fresh, David Pollak
We have our first staging repository for scala-fresh!   Currently it only has a nightly build of scala in there.   I'm going to start folding the projects into this build one at a time, until we work out the kinks.   Eventually there will  be a write-up on how this process will work formally for the outlier projects (i.e. those that depend on many others) to use for setting up their builds.

Also, Derek and I are working on setting up LDAP user administration for scala-tools.org.   When this is done, everyone interested in helping admin the scala-fresh builds will be in the scala-fresh group and have access to all hudson builds and the staging repositories.   Also, it will be easier for Project Admins to grant other developers privileges to their projects (i.e. deployment and hudson privileges).

In any case, sorry for the large delay in getting this all working.   It's been a slow process, but hopefully we'll have something very tangible and useful in a few weeks.

On to immediate business:   

ScalaCheck  Admins  You're first!!!

I need a branch that I can pull from for scala fresh.   If you assume scala fresh is compatible with regular scala trunk for now, that's a great assumption to make.   The only thing I can guarantee right now is that your build will have to deploy to the following repository url:    http://nexus.scala-tools.org/service/local/staging/deploy/maven2/

Once you point me at a branch, I'm going to play with your build directly on my local machine to get the kinks out.   If it all works out well, I can send you a patch file and instructions on how you can integrate into this build process.   After which, you can feel free to "canon"-ize my code into your style, or redo my work, as long as the results of the build are the same.

Alright folks!   If anyone else has any questions, please send them.   After scalacheck, this process should be much easier to farm out to multiple people.   So those volunteers who wanted to help in this process, please re-volunteer shortly!

Thanks guys,
- Josh

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