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David Hall

Jul 11, 2019, 2:11:28 AM7/11/19

It's been a long while, sorry.

After an uncomfortably long hiatus, I've cut a 1.0-RC3 candidate. The biggest delta is Scala 2.13 support. Please vet it.

Other changes:

* Removed deprecated elementwise operators
* Improved inplace operations for HashVector/SparseVector in-place operations (Sergei Lebedev)
* don't insert default value into open address hash arrays (lezebulon)
* improved quickselect (jesse frankley)
* a few new distributions (schmidmt)
* fixed SparseVector.horzcat (invkrh)
* fixed mpow when m has complex eigenvalues (Bjorn Mattson)
* fixed QR decomposition dimension inconsistency (alois-bissuel)
* DescriptiveStats.percentileInPlace (jeff klukas)
* new of several root finding methods (Antoine Bertout)
* fixed serious dumb bug in dot product (BoleynSu)
* bumped 2.12 and sbt version (helena)
* fixed a potential off-by-one in rangeD and rangeF caused by floating point nonsense

Sylvain Ductor

Jul 11, 2019, 9:04:55 PM7/11/19
Thanks for the work

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David Hall

Jul 15, 2019, 2:30:42 PM7/15/19
Just an update: i found a bug in 2.13 so it's now 1.0-RC4 (scala changed its guarantees about hash order with updates and it broke an assumption in Counters) There's actually one more bug I think or it could just be CI weirdness, I'm not sure.
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