How can I build a generice method using Breeze methods?

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Ricardo Lee

Dec 7, 2021, 12:55:51 PM12/7/21
to Scala Breeze
Currently, I'm curious about developing a fixed point type and a library of signal processing algorithms(or contributing to breeze.signal) via the algebraic hierarchy breeze provided. However, I couldn't understand the way breeze found its implicits. There's an example with an implicit VectorSpace parameter in the doc so that vector + and * are available, but what implicit should I provide for *:*? Besides, in the implementation of CanConvolve, the author provided no algebraic parameters at all, but the generic still works.  After I copied them to my project, the implicits were missing. Should I import something besides linalg, signal, and numerics? Thanks for your explanation.
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