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Bill Fedderson

Jun 6, 2017, 7:33:11 PM6/6/17
to SB Hackerspace
Hello all!

It has been years since I checked out what was going on at the space and, I would doubt anybody would know me but, I hope you don't mind me throwing this up here.

I have decided to step into the world of SLA printing, and am liquidating all of my FDM equipment. I already have WAY too much sitting around collecting dust, and if I could find someone to take it all, I'd make you a smoking deal. Say, 750.00 for everything I have. That's barely more than the Prusa would cost alone, and they are currently 7 weeks out. I just want it to get used. 

I am going to be putting up the following for sale;

Prusa I3 Mk2, in perfect working order with some spares, including a brand new E3D Titan extruder. 500.00
Tiko3D delta printer. It works great, for the money. Keep in mind, the company failed after their kickstarter so, there is no support. 100.00obo

I have a couple machines worth of parts. 1 is a custom machine I built myself that is in need of work to get it going, it is a 300x300x300 build area machine built on a Prism style architecture. I took it apart, and purchased parts to convert it to Core-XY architecture, but it has sat since. It comes with a TON of spare parts including an Azteeg X5 mini and display. I also have the original packaging and parts for the Cobblebot kickstarter machine. I never even took the parts out of the box. Apparently, it may be missing the idler pulley wheels, but I have extras of those too.

Too many parts to list, but for the money it would make an AWESOME parts set as there is enough parts to make AT LEAST 2 machines. If I could get 300.00 for all the parts I'd be happy. Easily over 500 worth of electronics alone, including a gen2 Bondtech extruder that has never been mounted.

I also have several rolls of filament that I will parse out to the buyers on a first come first serve basis. Ninjaflex, PLA, ABS, Nylon, etc..

Feel free to message me through google, or respond here, and I'll shoot you my cell number. 


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