LtCmdr Sky Blake, "Pop goes the door seals."

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Feb 12, 2014, 9:13:25 PM2/12/14

((Zakdorn Assembly: Stratigo's Suite))

Herrera: Anything on those scans?

Blake: I'm picking up Suliban life-signs. With... weapon signatures...

::No, that didn't seem right. Why? Why would Suliban decide to come at them? What was the point!?::

Herrera: Understood.

Blake: The Suliban have an Embassy here - why are they storming in with more fire-power than imaginable?

::Okay, maybe that was a little over-statement, but the away team was out-gunned. Sky didn't know what type of security measures the Zakdorn had, or if this was a frequent thing.::

Bokzadeshti: ::tersely, as she continues to work:: Where weapons are concerned, the Cabal has quite an imagination.

::Diego nodded at Sky.::

Herrera: Something else is going on here. Someone's been watching us and they obviously don't want us meeting with the Stratigo. You got any ideas how we can get out of this?

::Well, she wasn't about stand around and do nothing. She turned to Bokzadeshti and Herrera.::

Blake: If we locked up and barricaded to out there, and leave through the conference room...

::Now that she thought about that, she realized that they were actually *in* the conference room, and she mentally scolded herself.::

oO Come on, Sky, pay attention! Oo

::That was easier said than done. At this point, her hands were beginning to shake. She didn't like this at all.::

Herrera: Stratigo, can we get into the conference room? Is there a manual release on the doors?

Bokzadeshti: The primary entrance to this room detonated seals as soon as the gas was detected. So did the door behind me. If we can break the seals on the primary entrance, we can get out into the reception lounge, and cross it to reach the situation room on the other side.

oO No cover. Oo

::None at all, actually, other than the front desk. And with the weapons signatures around, she didn't want to take the chance. And now that she thought about it, Diego couldn't make her.::

Bokzadeshti: Alternatively, if we can open the door behind me, we can get into the service corridor which leads back to my office. From my office, we can get back out into the reception lounge, if you wish to surprise the hostiles with an assault. If you intend to play more cautiously, one of the walls in my office has a nanoflex section which phases out, providing covert access to the situation room via a connected recuperation area. The situation room is, of necessity, the most secure place in the building. If we can get to it before they do, we will have a better chance of surviving until help can reach us. But first we must get out of this room, and there is no code that will do it.

Herrera: Sky, if we can't open it then we might need to cut through the doors. Can you check if the gas is volatile?

::She frowned - he did realize that she wasn't a science officer, right?::

Blake: I can try.

::Yes. She sure could. Whether or not it'd get results, she didn't know, but she could sure as hell try!::

Herrera: I'm going to see if I can find out what's blocking communications. If we can find a way to contact the ship then that's as good as a ticket out of here.

Blake: If I had my telepathy, we wouldn't *need* to. ::She muttered.::

::Holding out her tricorder and trying to make sense of readings she hadn't seen since the Academy, Sky tried to make sense as to whether or not she could cut down this stupid door. It was at this point in time that she wished she hadn't just scraped through science.::

::And then she started to cough.::

oO Not today. Oo

::Snapping her tricorder shut, she was about to give the good news to Diego, when he beat her to the punch.::

Herrera: Sky, come take a look at this.

::She walked over to the Terran, looking over his shoulder - either she had gotten shorter, or he had somehow gotten taller, she didn't know.::

Blake: What?

Herrera: Does that look like a particle scattering field to you?

::Okay, so maybe the good news Diego was going to give wasn't good news at all. That was bad.::

Blake: I think-

::He burst into a series of coughs, reminding Sky just how dire the situation really was. Cutting down the door really *was* the only option now. You couldn't beam through a particle scatterer! If she wasn't so frightened and nervous, she would have throttled someone.::

Herrera: Pelkob, you have that medkit?

::Trying to avoid coughing, she started to breathe through the sleeve of her uniform - not that it wasn't proven to do much good, she was somehow convincing herself that it would help.::

Bokzadeshti: Tell them about the… ::closing her eyes:: the wavelength gap, the... teleportation control grid.

oO I'm busy. Oo

::Yes, busy, staring at her tricorder finding where these locks and seals were right now so she could blow them off with her phaser, but the female Tygarian held out her tricorder for Sky to examine. She glanced at it, but finally took it when she saw those readings.::

Kiyar: Normally, the scattering field over the government compound keeps unauthorized beings out. To prevent the grid from being used to trap authorized persons, the emitters have specific weaknesses at wavelengths determined by the algorithm you see there. Only persons above a certain security level know this-- but the weakest point of any defense is its keyholders, so...

::Sky had never done much good in mathematics, and her transporting skills were sketchy at best, but Tactical systems were Sabor's strong point. The only problem now was that there was no bond for him to assist her, and she didn't have access to his memory either.::

Kiyar: If you can generate pulses that peak according to that formula, and if the hostiles are not compensating for it, it is possible to achieve microsecond gaps in the scattering field. The easiest way to do this is to use the emitter bank near the emergency teleporter in the situation room, but it might be possible to cannibalize some of the equipment here, for a similar effect. At least for one or two attempts.

Blake: One problem at a time.

::Finally, there was a whoosh as the air started to filter into the vents, and Sky breathed in relief - although, it wasn't over yet. She was still coughing.::

Herrera: Good work, Commander. That's one less problem to worry about.

Zehn: Response

Ryan: Response

Zehn: Response

::One of the Tygarians began to scan the room to confirm Zehn's report.::

Oranan: Response

::There were a few moments where Sky tuned out of what the rest of the team were doing. Busy locating weak points of the seals on the door, she also tried her hand again at pushing at the telepathic inhibitor. Over and over again - but there was no luck.::

::And then there was a combadge chirp. The sweet sound of communication.::

Eerie:=/\= Captain. We have found a fake video record here. It implicates the Zakdorn, with an attack on the Suliban. =/\=

Herrera: =/\= A fake? Any idea who did it? =/\=

Eerie: =/\= I have seen better fakes, but someone went to the trouble of doing it. The only people I would rule out are the Zakdorn. It wouldn’t make any sense, even in their game playing ways, Captain. =/\=

oO Fantastic: We have more pressing issues. Hurry up and get him here. Oo

Herrera: =/\= Agreed, what's your status? =/\=

oO Thank *Noree*. Oo

::There was no way Sky was going to be able to look after Bokzadeshti, Diego and the rest of the team without worrying about herself. She wasn't about to throw herself into the line of fire for anyone - as horrible as that sounded. But with weapons signatures outside, that looked more and more likely to happen, and Sky just wasn't happy about it. There had to be another option - they had a Diplomacy officer here, yes? Why did they dipomacy their way out of this!?::

Eerie: =/\= We are attempting to decrypt a Suliban algorithm, Sir. =/\= 

Herrera: =/\= We're having Suliban problems too. They hijacked the environmental systems and they have the assembly under siege. There's a particle scattering field up to keep us from beaming out and I can't contact the ship. Everyone in your group alright? =/\=

Eerie: =/\= Yes, Sir. Everyone is fine, here. We are prepared to assist you. =/\=

Herrera:=/\= The quicker you can get here the better, Commander, but be careful. We can't get an accurate reading on how many Suliban are out there but we know we're outgunned. =/\=

oO And out-manned. Oo

Eerie: =/\= Of course, Sir. On our way. =/\=

Herrera: =/\= We'll be looking forward to seeing you. Herrera out. =/\=

::A breath of relief again as Sky was about to take out her phaser.::

Herrera: Here.

::She didn't have time to turn around for whatever he wanted before he pressed a hypo into her neck. Thankfully, the slight shake in her hands ceased, and her own panic gradually resided. Maybe there was a way to get them safely out of this after all.::

Blake: Thanks.

Herrera: We need to get through that back door. The Stratigo already ruled out any kind of an override, so we'll need to cut through the seals.

Blake: I already found weak points. Thankfully, we shouldn't go down in a fiery blaze, either.

::Diego turned to the others.::

Herrera: Which of you guys feels up to some target practice?

Zehn/Oranan/Ryan: Response(s)

Herrera: Great. Let me get you dosed up first...

::He stepped over and pressed the hypospray to the volunteer's neck.::

Zehn/Oranan/Ryan: Response

Herrera: Alright. Let her rip.

::Basically telling them to aim at the big blocks of metal, the team slowly begun to cut away at the door's seals. At this rate, it wouldn't be too long before they were headed out the back door and creeping their way into phaser fight. Her opinion of how things would go was bleak at best.::

Zerxes: =/\= Zerxes to Herrera. =/\=

Herrera: =/\= Herrera here. I tried to contact the Vigilant earlier but couldn't get through. We're under siege in the assembly building by Suliban forces. I need you to send reinforcements, unless you're in the same situation. =/\=

Zerxes: =/\= No hostility here. We can come straight away! =/\=

oO Good! Move it! Oo

Herrera: =/\= We'll hold out as best we can til then. =/\=

Zerxes: =/\= Understood! =/\=

Herrera: =/\= Herrera out. =/\=

::There was now just one immediate problem that needed to be solved.::

Herrera: How are we coming with that door?

Blake: Give us two more seconds . . .




::Successfully, the last of the seals broke off the door. Putting the phaser back in her holster, Sky didn't waste time in heading over and forcing it open.::

Blake: Time to go.

Anyone: Response?
::Pushing forward in front of the group, they managed to get into the other room. There was just a crack, just a small crack, of the thoughts around the area.::
Blake: I think . . . I can't tell if . . . ::she frowned in frustration.:: I can't hear clearly, but there's around eight close to us . . . maybe. I can't . . .
Anyone: Response?

Tbc . . .

LtCmdr Sky Blake
USS Vigilant

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