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Amanda Nordstrom

Jan 21, 2019, 9:44:13 PM1/21/19
to Veritas IC
(( Day 119, Planet Limbo, Medical Tent, Camp Nickson ))

G'var:::rolling her head over:: No ::wiggling nonexistent fingers:: I've
got plenty left to fight for Dr. Alora ::smiling to herself:: plenty left.

del Vedova: And let's keep it that way, hm? I want you to take it easy,
now that you can take it easy. No more of ::beat:: this.

::Alora wanted to cry, but she managed to keep the tears from invading. 
Instead, she managed to give the Klingon smile. Besides, she might
offend G’var if those tears made an appearance.::

Maxwell: Response

DeVeau: If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t have been found.  Your battle
isn’t over yet, G’var.  We  need you, so you must rest and recover from

G'var:::laughing::-Give me Five minutes ::beat:: I'm just getting my
third wind.

del Vedova: I insist upon five hours, Ensign, if not five days. You need
time to recover.

::She must have been in pain, for G’var trembled and Alora gently placed
a hand on her shoulder.::

G'var:::smiling thinly::-Five hours? ::beat:: I'll be ready for a
rematch on the Ramp by then Commander. ::beat:: Doc ::beat:: please
brief everyone on the journey ahead.

Maxwell: response

::G’var held out her hand and Alora took it, squeezing it.::

G'var:::smiling::-Dr. Alora ::beat:: tell me this is real and not some
fever dream.

Deveau: Well if this isn’t real, then we’re both dreaming, so I’d say
odds are it’s real.  You can pinch me if you like.

::G’var kissed her hand, a gesture that Alora hadn’t expected, but it’s
tenderness moved her.::

DeVeau: Sleep my friend.  Sleep and get strong and let’s see what we can
do about getting back to the ship, hm?

G’var: Response

del Vedova: She was asking about your whole group. Did you lose anyone
else on your way?

Maxwell: response

Maxwell: responses

G'var:::squeezing Alora's hand::-By the Light ::beat:: we made all made
it here Together ::beat:: and Together we will make it back.

::Alora nodded, her smile spreading across her face, lighting her eyes.::

DeVeau: Together.

((End for Alora))

Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau
Science Officer
USS Veritas

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