JP Ensign MacKenzie and Lt JG Ukinix - Of Checkups and Trinkets (Part 2)

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Addison MacKenzie

Mar 29, 2019, 6:42:00 AM3/29/19

(OOC: Backsim, occurs not long before the Veritas gets to the debris field…)

((Sickbay, USS Veritas))

MacKenzie: And have you had a recent session with Counselor Orrey?

Ukinix: Oh.  Umm, well - I did have dinner with him at his house on shore leave?  ::Cheekily: That counts, right?

MacKenzie: ::Cheekily:: I suppose it only counts if he believes it would.

Ukinix: OK, I’ll organise one with him.

MacKenzie: And no more mind reading in the meantime!

Ukinix:  ::Cheeky smile almost laughing, holding hands out:: What!  

MacKenzie: Only kidding. But in all seriousness, make sure you make an appointment to see Jansen. You’re about due anyway.

Ukinix: Alright, I promise I will, Doc.

MacKenzie: Glad to hear I don’t have to twist your arm about it. Well, as far as I can tell, you’re in good shape. No reason why you can’t return to duty.

Ukinix: So… I heard a rumour that you were into extreme sports?

MacKenzie: ::Smirking:: I’ve been known to engage in some reckless behavior… white water rafting, rock climbing, and the like. Why do you ask?

Ukinix: ::Cheekily:: Oh, it’s so I can organise extra engineering personnel to look after the wrecked holodecks.

::Wil smiled and changed his tone.::

Ukinix: Actually I’m impressed.  I played footy as a teenager which can get pretty rough, but I’ve never been into extreme sports.

MacKenzie: Not into them? Come now, Lieutenant. I heard you’re dating a Klingon - surely that counts as an extreme sport?

Ukinix: Um-

MacKenzie: ::smirking:: I mean, I have met Lieutenant G’var, and all….

::Wil smirked and put his tongue in his cheek, impressed by the new doctor’s quip, while he thought of a response.::

Ukinix: ::Smirking:: Geez, you date one Klingon and suddenly everything thinks you can single handedly take on a Borg cube.  Anyway, she has to put up with my bad jokes. Now *that’s* an extreme sport.

MacKenzie: ::Grinning:: I’m sure it is, Lieutenant. ::checking her tricorder:: Well, I don’t think I have a reason to detain you any further. It looks like you’re fit for duty.

Ukinix: Well, ::hopping off biobed:: thanks the medical Doc.  You can put a tick next to my name now.

::Wil walked over to the sack next to the wall, and picked it up along with his tools.::

MacKenzie: ::looking inquisitively:: Alright, seriously. What’s in the bag?

::Wil reached into the bag, and pulled out what appeared to be part of an assembled arch, made out of steel - but was actually replicated using much lighter material.::

Ukinix: It’s parts of a bridge, for the wall in the office.  To remind Del of home.

::Wil could sense Addison’s puzzlement.  He looked at her, then retrieved another part of the arch, and held them together.::

Ukinix: Sydney Harbour Bridge.  Well, a miniature one. ::Turning arch piece around::  Check it out, it’s even got lights!

MacKenzie: OH! Now I get it. But, the lights?

Ukinix: ::Shrugging, smiling:: I’m an engineer, I just can’t help myself.

MacKenzie: ::chuckling:: I suppose not. I get the same way every time I get near an exoscalpel.

Ukinix: Del wanted me to help decorate the office, and it became a little side project for me since we left drydock around Mars. I finally finished it.  Now I’ve got to attach it to the wall. Oh - sorry if it gets noisy for the next thirty minutes or so.

::Wil gave Addison a friendly wink, and walked into the office.::

MacKenzie: No problem. I have a feeling it’s about to get much noisier in here…


Ensign Addison MacKenzie

Medical Officer

USS Veritas



Lieutenant JG Wil Ukinix

Engineering Officer

USS Veritas


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