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Rune Jolara

Nov 21, 2016, 9:45:17 AM11/21/16
to UFOP: StarBase 118 – USS Veritas

((Private Transport Enroute to Betazed))

::Rune leaned against the window looking out at the stars the planet growing ever so closer. Words could not express the crushing pain she was feeling inside. It was something she had never felt before.::

::Death to an Al-Leyan was not something to be mourned. It was simply a natural part of one’s life cycle. Yet, Rune mourned. How could she not? She was truly alone in the universe, save for Krystyan.::

((Flashback - Astrofori One))

:: Rune's heart pounded mercilessly within her chest as she rushed through the corridors of Astrofori One. She came to an abrupt stop as soon as she entered the station’s sickbay. ::

:: She immediately zeroed in on the only bio-bed with a doctor and two nurses tending a patient. She managed two steps toward them when a hand grabbed her shoulder and pulled her back. She spun to jerk away and look at the person who had grabbed her. ::

Reese: It would be better to wait.

:: Rune’s brow creased as her heart dropped. The soft, almost empathetic, tone of his voice cut right through her. ::

Jolara: ::her throat tightened:: Is she…

:: The sound of something hitting the floor drew her attention back around. The two nurses were trying to hold Kieran down while the doctor was holding his hand over his bloody nose. ::

:: Rune quickly shrugged off Reese’s hand and made a beeline across sickbay. She stepped around the doctor and placed one hand on Kieran’s bloody leg and the other nudged one of the nurses aside. ::

:: Her face paled as soon as she saw the front of Kieran’s shirt. It was ripped and soaked with blood. There was a gash down the side of face and a smaller gash on her neck. She could feel the Bajoran-Betazoid’s confusion and panic. ::   

Jolara: ::softly:: Kieran, it is okay. I am here. They are trying to help you.

:: Kieran continued to struggle against them until Rune could get close enough to touch the uninjured side of her neck. ::

Jolara: ~Shhh, you are safe. I am not going to let anyone else hurt you.~

:: One of the nurses managed to press a hypospray to Kieran’s neck. Slowly she began to stop fighting. ::

Doctor: Thank you, Commander, but I’m going to have to ask you to step back.

:: Rune opened her mouth to argue but then reluctantly moved back. She kept her eyes on them the entire time she stepped backwards until she was beside Reese. ::

Jolara: ::tears in her eyes:: Who did this?

Reese: I was hoping you could tell me.

::Rune’s jaw tightened and she turned to completely face the man. Her eyes burned, clouded by both rage and tears.::

Jolara: ::teeth clenched:: Do not dare accuse me of this!

Reese: ::keeping his voice low:: I’m not accusing you. I already know you weren’t even on the station when she was attacked. But this is the second person with connections to you.

:: Closed her eyes and took a deep breath. When she opened them, a tear escaped down her face and she angrily wiped it with the back of her hand. She pulled her hand back to see it covered in blood, her chest tightened. Across the room, the sound of a heart beat was reduced to a flat buzz on a piece of the medical equipment.::

:: The doctor and nurses stepped back from Kieran. The doctor shook his head. Rune’s chest tightened as she dropped to her knees. The room began to spin and the edges of her vision grew dark. Everything seemed to be closing in on her.::

((End Flashback))

::She saw Captain Karalli’s reflection in the glass but didn’t bother to turn around.::

Karalli: When you are ready Commander. Commander Collim’s grandfather has made all the arrangements. We’ve been authorized to transport you directly to the family’s estate.

::Rune closed her eyes and swallowed hard against her tightening throat.::

Jolara: Thank you. I just need a moment.

::The man bowed his head and silently left.::

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