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Wil Ukinix

Sep 28, 2020, 7:56:34 AM9/28/20

((Counsellor’s Office, Deck 6, USS Veritas))

Ukinix: ::Sigh, slight blush:: I find myself thinking about an Andorian Cadet who, quite frankly, used to give me the s&^&$$.  We were in different classes together over the course of the academy, and I used to dread seeing her.  She’d tease me, or make a smart arse comment in front of my friends, always challenging me at something.

Navarro: ::she braced for the punchline:: And then?

Ukinix: ::Blushing:: She kissed me during a training session.  Just, out of the blue.  ::raising palm:: Ooh - no pun intended.

Navarro: Understood

In the moments of silence that followed Wil sensed a sort of calmness in the counsellor.  As she placed her hands on her knees, he wondered if she knew if he was a one-quarter Betazoid E4 and if he should have disclosed that earlier.

Navarro: Tell me what your latest’s relationship was like. How did you get together?

Ukinix: Boy meets girl after someone from the future deliberately envelops their ship in a time displacement field forcing the crew to have to evacuate to a tropical planet, and girl gets her arm ripped off by one the moon’s indigenous giant orange horse sized lion looking things while defending three crewmates including boy, which brings boy and girl closer together.  You know, the usual.

Wil smiled for a moment.  He thought about his relationship with G'var.  They were an odd pairing and polar opposites in so many aspects of their life., and yet they made a great couple.    

Navarro: ::smiles:: Whom pursued who?

Ukinix: We were falling for each other – we’d been friends before that - but she made the first move.  I mean, she’s a Klingon, they’re not exactly backwards at coming forwards.

Navarro: So there are some similarities there?

He nodded slowly, taking in what Callie had just said.

Ukinix: I guess there are.   G'var made the first move. Thukaa, the Andorian cadet, made the first move.  Except *she* had a weird way of showing me she liked me.

Navarro: Response

Ukinix: Nothing really happened.  We went out on a few dates.  ::Shrug:: Not long after that we graduated, and next thing I know, I started on the Veritas.

Navarro: Response

Ukinix: Oh.  Really?

Navarro: Response

Ukinix: It’s just, that’s… ::nervously clears throat:: that’s a little unexpected.

Navarro: Response

Ukinix: Well, I could give it a shot… ::shrug, smile:: Sure, why not.  You’re the counsellor.

Navarro: Response






Lieutenant Commander Wil Ukinix

Chief Engineer, Second Officer

USS Veritas


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