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Mike Walberg

Jun 9, 2017, 4:30:53 PM6/9/17
to UFOP: StarBase 118 – USS Veritas

((OOC: ran out of room on the title.. it's part 2 of 4.  Kait will be posting the remaining story later this evening.. ;) ))

((Danni & Luna's quarters, USS Veritas)) 

:: Having found out that her wife was in continuing pain, Luna’s innate stubborn streak was in full swing. ::

Walker: Nuh uh.  I can walk with you, carry you, or knock you out and drag you if need be.. but you are going to the doctor and I'm going to make sure you do it.
James: Oh come on. This is completely different than when you needed help.
Walker: Actually it's exactly like that.  You cared for me and made me get help.  Now if we get there sooner, we can hopefully get out sooner.  Or, if you want, you can try to get past me, or trick me in some fashion to get out of it.  And normally I'd give you even odds...
James: Lluneh… I just want something to eat and sleep. Is that too much to ask?
::Her face scrunched again in pain. Arguing was just making it worse. All she needed was some food and sleep.::
:: That Danni's face scrunch up like that was all the reinforcement the pink haired engineer needed to know she was right.  ::
Walker: Danni, if you could keep me from getting you to the doctor for sixty minutes... I'd be willing to drop it entirely.  :: Her smile wasn't completely pleasant, but spoke volumes:: I'd be surprised if you made it five minutes.  So... are you ready to go quietly?  Or do I "accidentally" trigger the protocols to knock us out and declare a medical emergency?
James: ::blue eyes narrowing:: You wouldn’t.
:: The single eyebrow arch.  Quite possibly a Vulcanoid's most effective tool. ::
Walker: My love, your health and well being are at risk here. If you are asking am I willing to do something that at worst I'll have to spend a couple hours explaining or fixing to take care of you? Well, I think we both know I'd go much farther than that.
James: Grrrr, fine.
Walker: You know you'd do the same.  In fact, other than threatening to knock us both out.. with security fields.. you've already DONE the same thing.  :: She kissed her wife's forehead gently:: And for the same reason.  So.. should I carry you, transport you, or let you walk with me to sickbay?
::Danni let out a heavy sigh. She knew Luna was right… even if she hated it.::
James: Do I really have a choice?
Walker: :: She grinned wildly:: I'm always willing to provide options Ma'am, living to serve and all that.   Seriously though, you look like you are in agony Danni.. do you need any help getting there?
::Danni made a face and stood up.. A little too quickly. An angry pain stabbed through her head. She grimaced, grabbed her head and stumbled right into Luna. Her other hand shot up to cover her mouth as she tried to choke back the sickness the intensity of the pain triggered.::
James: Gods…
::That was all she could get out before losing what little she had on her stomach. At that very moment Luna could shoot her for all she cared. She was certain Luna was saying something but the words didn’t register in Danni’s brain. She was on her knees in a nano-second and an eternity before the heaving stopped.::
:: Luna grabbed something, she wasn't even sure what, to try to contain the vomit when she saw Danni begin to heave. ::
Walker: It's ok.. it's ok Danni.. let it out..   :: She knew that Danni wasn't focused on anything said, but it was more important to be there for her. After the heaving stopped, she tapped her badge. :: =/\= Walker to Sickbay, site to site transport engaging.  =/\=
Ryan: =/\=Sickbay here. Stand by.=/\=
:: Luna didn't bother to wait for approval or Danni's agreement.  Blue sparkles transformed the room around them to the clean lines of sickbay. ::

((USS Veritas, Sickbay))

:: As the pair materialized, Nikki grabbed a tricorder. She quickly began scanning Danni who was crumpled on her knees.::
Ryan: What happened?
Walker: She complained of severe headaches, and now getting up triggered vomiting.
James: ::weakly:: Didn’t complain.
::Nikki showed no reaction as she watched the bio-readings scroll across the tiny screen in her hand.::
Ryan: Let’s get her on the bed. How long have the headaches been happening?
::Nikki placed her hands under Danni’s arm and with Luna’s help got her onto the bio-bed. She quickly activated the sensor cluster and pulled up Danni’s medical records.::
James: Dunno…
Walker: She said it got worse after we detonated the quantum torpedo.  Not sure if that helps at all though.  She was able to walk from Main Engineering to our quarters not long ago, but in the past minutes it's gotten a lot worse.
:: She was trying to remain calm and objective, but the panic and worry was just under the surface::
::Trying very hard to keep her expression neutral, Nikki grabbed a hypospray, adjusted the dosage and pressed it to Danni’s neck. Danni’s body immediately relaxed but her vitals were still elevated.::
Ryan: And no one thought to come to sickbay?
:: She shook her head, wishing she had a better answer.. and struggling to not feel responsible for not recognizing this earlier. ::
Walker: She went from having a headache to nausea.. until then it wasn't obviously urgent..  But it looks like you did something there to help.. maybe it's just that simple?
Ryan: I just gave her something for the pain. ::She moved around to the other side of the bed.:: I’m going to do a neural scan to see if we can find what’s causing the headaches. Then we can go from there.
::A 3D image of Danni’s brain appeared on the screen in front of Nikki. Most of it was highlighted in normal blue but something else immediately caught Nikki’s attention. Her brow creased and she stepped closer to the monitor. She slowly swiped her finger over the holo-screen and turned the image for an angled view.::
::Her mouth dropped slightly. There was a tiny red patch at the base of Danni’s brain stem with what looked like micro lines radiating out like tendrils. There was a concentration of tendrils connecting the solid red patch to the brain while longer tendrils appeared to be working their way toward her optic nerves, while others threaded through her cerebral cortex.::





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