JP: Lt. Cmdr. Luna Walker & Lt. jg Danni James: Through Space and Time (Part 2)

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Nikki Ryan

Oct 9, 2017, 9:16:19 AM10/9/17
to UFOP: StarBase 118 – USS Veritas

((Danni and Luna's Quarters , USS Veritas))

James: I know I should have waited but… ::She let out a sigh and rolled onto her back. She looked up at the ceiling for a second then turned her head to look at Luna.::  The idea popped into my head and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Like something’s right there, begging to be found.

:: An idea popping up and begging to be found was not as frightening to her as it might otherwise be.  Most engineers she’d run across had that at some point.  The feeling that “THIS IS THE ANSWER” written in bold strokes across their mind, and until they’d run it down it was nearly impossible to ignore.  Or it could be that the device was Borg-like and trying to take over her wife’s mind. Either way, caution was for those in safer areas.. like security, bomb disposal, or insurance salesmen on the Klingon homeworld. Luna exaggerated a yawn and a stretch, but couldn’t keep the grin off her face.  There was just something about discoveries like this.::

Walker:  Well I was going to nap a bit more.. maybe put my foot up and let it heal.  I hear that I’m supposed to go easy on it.. don’t want to injure myself more…

James: ::raising an eyebrow:: So you’re telling me, you aren’t interested?

:: Her face was momentarily a picture of innocence. ::

Walker: Whatever do you mean?  I’m nothing if not a dutiful and obedient spouse.  :: Her eyes were twinkling and she was biting her lower lip to keep from laughing as she said it. ::

James: Pfffft, yeah right. Whatever… ::feigning a pout:: this is important to me and I’m going to just leave you here to fend for yourself.

Walker:  Well, in that case… for you of course, I guess I’ll just have to.. :: The pillow that hit her on the side of the head was soft enough to muffle her words.. and the reason for the impact was enough to change them to laughter. :: Ok  ok.. I surrender.  Let’s go see what we can see.

:: Danni grinned, rolled out of bed, rolled back, gave Luna a kiss, then jumped back up. ::

James: I knew you’d see it my way.

((USS Veritas, Holodeck))

:: She didn’t pause as they approached the holodeck.  Luna was proud of that point, almost as proud as she was glad that her wife didn’t have any empathic senses.  The emotional yo-yo going on in her head, bouncing between what they might find and the mixture of fear and shame was impressive after a fashion.  The thing was, the fear and shame was more distant than it had been.  No longer as bright and overwhelming, more the memory of it being so.  And if she took a slightly larger than was normal inhale as she stepped in, that was only because she was slightly winded from “crutching it” here.  And until a telepath got into her head, she’d stick to that story. ::

Walker: Ok, so what scans did you already do?  I’m guessing x-rays to separate the metal from the tissue, what else?

James: ::nodding:: Yes. And every other type of scan I could think of. CT, MRI… even got copies of all the tests Nikki ran. You know, since it’s a mixture of metal and biological components. I didn’t want to leave anything out.

:: It was.. odd.. talking to her like this.  For the moment it was just an engineering issue, all technical.. nothing about who it was attached to.  Which was good overall, they’d be more effective that way.  Still… odd. ::

Walker: Good point.  Before we bring them up, might be a good idea to cross reference the current scans with transporter logs prior to the event.

James: Alright. If you think that will help...

Walker: :: Nodding:: Probably too much to hope for to have a true baseline.  :: She took a deep breath:: Ok, let’s bring it up.

:: Danni took a deep breath, trying to curb the mixture of excitement and anxiety she was feeling. ::

James: Computer, run DJ-Alpha023.

:: For a moment, a floating image of the device appeared before them.  But, before she could examine it, the holodeck… glitched. With a loud screech, the device disappeared and was replaced with a very familiar beach.  Luna’s mouth went dry, and she refused to move any part of her body.  One of the first things they’d spoken to her about was if she felt a concern about where she was, staying still would be better than reacting. ::

Walker: Danni.. um..  please tell me you are seeing this.

:: Danni instinctively reached out and placed a hand on Luna’s shoulder. She felt that same weird… almost tingling sensation in the back of her brain. She blinked several times. This wasn’t part of her program, yet it felt right. ::

James: Uh, yep. This wasn’t suppose to happen. ::shaking her head:: I’m not sure how… ::Her hand moved to wrap around Luna’s and give it a squeeze. She moved around to face her and smiled.:: Hey, it’s okay… reality check… You don’t like jelly beans, except the green ones. Now, who else in the entire universe would know that besides me?


Lt. Commander Luna Walker

Chief Engineer, USS Veritas



pNPC Lt. jg Danni James

  Engineering Officer - USS Veritas


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