Ens Wil Ukinix & LtCmdr Sky Blake, "Betazoid royalty support group." (Part 2)

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((The Ukinix Apartment, Fremantle, Australia, Earth))

Ukinix: The gossiping doesn't surprise me, Grandpa's mentioned that in passing. I'm surprised that you heard my family name though - Grandpa only worked for one of the houses. That was such a long time ago.

Blake:::shaking her head:: That doesn’t match the context in which the Vataixes were talking. The Nineth House didn’t *employ* the Ukinix family, they *are* the Ukinix family. Or, well, they *were*, at least. I’m not sure who head of house is - the drama didn’t get too deep into it. That’s why I called - I was hoping you’d be able to give me more context.

::She looked over at him more properly. If she didn’t know any better, she’d have thought Ukinix was confused at her words.::

Blake: Evidently, you’re as lost as I am.

::Wil put his right hand on the side of his face and ironically chuckled a little.::

Ukinix: ::Somewhat sarcastically:: Ah, this is hilarious.

::Wil put his hands on his hips, and laughed while working out what to say next.::

Blake: You okay?

::She did just dump some potentially life-changing information onto his head. Noree knew how this would affect his family.::

Ukinix: I’m just deciding whether to beam over and ask him about it.  I’m as curious as you are. ::Looking outside:: If that gossip, whatever it is, spreads… well, Mum reckons Starfleet can be just as bad for gossip sometimes.

Blake: I don’t know - I’ve been member of a royal Betazoid house for the last year and not even-

::What would she call Zhou, exactly? Bed-buddy? Mentor? Crew-mate? He fit all of those descriptions, and yet none of them didn’t really sound like they could be used to define her relationship with him.

::She had to come up with some new adjectives.::

Blake: The crew didn’t find out about it. Or, if they had, they haven’t spoken about it around me. ::She frowned a little.:: Did you know *anything* about the connection between your grandfather and the royal houses?

Ukinix: oO Yeah, but what if the crew *did* find out… Oo

Ukinix: Not much.  He’s just always said that’s in the past, and his life changed for the better when he met Gran.

Blake: Sounds like a philosophy I share. But I’ve been in your shoes before - and there’s nothing weirder than getting an email after a shift finding out that you were in fact related to a royal house and wasn’t aware of it your whole life, and that house happens to be looking for you. I’m not an expert on all things “Ukinix”, but speaking from experience, you should tackle this one head-on. Don’t wait for information to come to you.

::Wil raised his eyebrows, before half smiling.::

Ukinix:  Looks like I’ll be paying my grandparents a visit.  Are you *sure* that’s all you heard?  ‘Cos I’d rather know than not know.

::She frowned again, arms uncrossing as her hands perched on her hips. After a moment of thought, she simply shrugged.::

Blake: I’m gonna be honest - Rivi Vataix is nice, but she chatters a *lot*. Most of what she said didn’t really stick. But if you want me to, I think I’m within my rights to go in and pry for more details. Not like she’s in a position to hide this kind of stuff from me.

::Or if Rivi wasn’t really forthcoming - which Blake highly doubted - all she had to do was send a message to Eislas and ask for him to look up details. It’s like she now had her own information network. All it required was some of her sanity, her children’s virtues, and an earache.::

::Wil hunched forward and put his hands on his knees, and looked down at the ground, before lifting his head to look at Blake, again quietly chuckling.::

Ukinix: What the hell.  Pry away. And Sky - ::standing up again:: thank you for telling me this.  It’ll solve a puzzle for me. Hopefully.

Blake: Eh, from one royal part-Betazoid to another, it’s the least I can do. It’s almost like a running gag now - except, when it happened to me, there wasn’t more than a single generation that was unaware of the connection to royalty. Do you think your parents will handle it okay?

Ukinix: ::Laughing:: Dad won’t care, he’s just - ::shrugging, smiling:: Dad.  He might *look* half Betazoid, but he’s the most care free person I know.  ::Cheekily:: Do we have to set up a weekly Betazoid support group when we get back on the Veritas?

Blake: If you intend to bring the alcohol, go right ahead.

Ukinix: Hmm… I’d come for the support, but I’d stay for the Romulan Ale.

Blake: As your Chief of Security, I feel the urge to remind you that it’s illegal.

Ukinix: As an Ensign, I’d suggest to you that the Chief of Security is probably *most* in need of Romulan Ale.  Besides Captain Rahman.

::She huffed a laugh, her arms crossed again.::

Blake: The captain doesn’t drink. But I’ll take that under advisement.

::Wil laughed.  After finding out about his potential “oversight” that his grandfather had made, a reaction from his cheeky remark cheered him up.::

Ukinix: ::Smirking:: Sorry.  I’d better let you go and get your mind read.  I’ve got a Betazoid of my own to go and talk to.

::She nodded, standing up a little straight and giving the younger man a smile.::

Blake: Talk soon, Wil. Don’t overwhelm yourself.

Ukinix: ::Thumbs up:: Aye Commander.  Seeya.

::Wil leaned over to the glass desk, to end the call.  He stood back, put his hands on his hips, and looked down.  He placed his tongue in his cheek, and laughed, while shaking his head. He took a deep breath, picked up his bread-sausage-onion-sauce snack, and took a bite, as he walked out of the apartment...

...towards the nearby transporter station, located next to the train station at the mouth of the Swan River.::

Tbc . . .

Ensign Wil Ukinix

Engineering Officer

USS Veritas



LtCmdr Sky Blake

Chief of Security

USS Veritas


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