Lt JG Wil Ukinix & Serran - Jokers and Queens

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Danny Lee

Sep 6, 2019, 7:02:45 AM9/6/19

((Stage 3 - The Singing Shoals - 2130 Hours))


Ukinix: (Turning head to side) That’s a good idea, I never thought of that.  Stage 6 on the Veritas.    What could go wrong?  (Looking back at the three) Don’t go yet, hang out with us!  The ‘Tas can wait.


Mncedisi: (Confused, pointing at Tasnim) You mean, *that* Taz?


Moralez: What’s Taz doing?


Shandres: Response


Ukinix: No, *the* ‘Tas, not Taz.


Mncedisi: (Blank expression) That’s what I said.


Moralez: Me too.


Shandres: Response


Ukinix: (Pained expression) No, the Veri-


The stellar conversation was interrupted by his fellow engineering officers.


Teller: Taz - I didn't know you and your friends would be joining us.  Welcome! 


Vanlith: Hi


Taz gulped and looked back, a nervous smile on her face before she gave a weak wave at her boss, who had a very goofy grin on his face.


Shandres: Uh, hi, sir…


Ukinix: (Clapping hands together) These guys are going to join us on our pub crawl!


Vanlith: I’m glad. Be nice to have some more Ensigns around. 


Gaz: I’ll say! Welcome to the party! The name is Gaz, my mate Daymo is… somewhere.


Teller: Works for me - one of you planning to take the stage?  


Shandres: Response


Suddenly, the manager of the bar who had excused himself from Jayla approached the three young women.


Serran: Young ladies. I require proof of age identification.


Shandres: Response.


Mncedisi/Moralez: We’re 18!


Serran:  Ketar V licensing laws state that legal drinking age is 18, but anyone between the age of 18 and 21 must be accompanied by someone aged 21 or above.   The three of you entered without an over 21yo present.


Gaz: Are you sure? That doesn’t right to me.


Shandres: Response


Serran: If you do not, I will be required to contact a parent or legal guardian.  Failing that, I will be required to contact the CCMS, who will then detain you until they are able to contact a parent or legal guardian.


Teller: What a fun bonding experience for you, Taz - maybe you can ask for the same cell the Captain was in.  


Serran: Many of the inhabitants of this planet treat the law with disdain.  I do not.  This venue cannot afford to lose its liquor license.  (To Taz) I require the contact details of a parent or legal guardian.


Any: Responses


Teller: ::to Wil:: How did we become the responsible adults?  


Wil lifted his pint glass, took a mouthful of the contents, and then smiled at his chief.


Ukinix: Cheers us!  (Smiling at Char) How about you, Ensign?


Vanlith: (quietly) I don’t know I’ve never thought about it. 


Suddenly the small group had become large, trying to help out Tasnim.  Jayla entered the fray.


Petras: Now hold on a moment here. ::suddenly her Vulcan face came on:: They’re with us.


Serran’s eyes scanned them all.


Serran: Can you provide adequate evidence to prove as such.


Petras: ::measured tones:: Mr. Teller here is her Department Chief, whom answers directly to the captain of the Veritas who is this young one’s aunt.


Serran: (To Geoffrey) Then under Ketar V am I required contact with this young lady’s aunt, provided she is her legal guardian, to inform her of the breach of the Ketar V alcohol licensing regulations.  She will then be required to collect her in person.


The law was a hangover (bad pun intended) from 34 years prior, when many shipyard workers aged 18 to 21 were found to have been underpaid by Livernois shipyards, to the tune of 35%.  When the shipyards were ordered to pay the workers the correct amount, which included years of backpay to most, it was party time on Ketar V for those in that age bracket.  The local entertainment industry experienced a surge, and subsequently so did the local law enforcement industry.  In a knee jerk reaction, politicians tried to raise the legal drinking age to 21 to combat the “youth led civil disorder”.  When it became apparent that some of those politicians would face electoral wipe-out if that law was passed, the proposed law was amended to state that anyone aged 18 to 20 Earth years, 364 Earth days had to be accompanied by someone aged 21 Earth years or over.  Of course, that didn’t stop the drunken related trouble.  In fact, it made it worse – groups became bigger as they were accompanied by their older friends, which meant more people were getting drunk, which led to more bar brawls, increased hospital emergency department admittances, and the need for more CCMS resources.  But at least the politicians passed a law that gave the perception that they were doing something to control the “troublesome youth” of the planet, a move which proved popular with older voters and got them re-elected.


Yes, the laws were Illogical in Serran’s mind.  But he also didn’t want to fail a surprise liquor licence audit.


Petras: Since they were here before us, did you serve them alcohol?


Serran: I did not.  Nonetheless, they are on licenced premises, and-


Petras: Then they have not violated the terms of your liquor license. Conversely had you served them alcohol without requiring identification prior to our arrival, it would be you in violation of the guidelines set forth by the Ketar V licensing laws.


While that wasn’t entirely true as the trio were on licensed premises, there would have been questions asked of him by government officials if he did report the breach to the CCMS.  Still, rules were rules…


Serran: Madam, if I may speak-


Petras: Now that they are in the presence of their senior officers and direct supervisor, some of us well over the legal age, I believe the situation is resolved.


The amount of people in the venue was the most he had seen in months.  And some Starfleet officers had a reputation for consuming high volumes of alcohol when on shore leave.  He considered the situation logically.  Risk management 101 – impact, high; probability, low.  The potential income from the officer’s presence outweighed the risk.


He accepted the Vulcanoid’s logical position.  Well, mostly.


Serran: I will overlook this incident.  However, in order to ensure this venue complies with a statutory license audit, I will require written approval from the young woman’s Aunt, your captain, within 24 hours.


Petras: I thought as much. Thank you for your due diligence.


Teller:  Don't sweat it Taz, we look after each other on duty or not.  You're welcome here as long as you three would like to stay.  


Any: Response


Ukinix: Well, that’s settled then!  The more the merrier.  =/\= Wil to – I mean, Ukinix to Queens.  Karen, can you add crewmen Mncedisi, Moralez, and Shandres to the auto-transport list? =/\


Queens: =/\= Understood, Wil.   You owe me.  Queens out. =/\=


Gaz: That’s how you do it in Starfleet I guess. (Nodding his approval at Jayla)


Petras: (slings an arm around Tasnim’s shoulders) Now… time for that song.


Shandres: Response


Ukinix: Let’s go! This’ll be fun, Taz.


Any: Response


Gaz: What the hell took you so long.


Daymo: Sorry mate, had a bit of a hard time. Anyway, it’s my turn now isn’t it?


Gaz: yeah nah (Pointing to Jayla heading to the stage with Wil and Tasnim). You snooze you lose.


Wil stood next to Tasnim and Jayla, and watched the lyrics scroll on to the screen. There was a smile on Jayla's face which was infectious.


Petras: Have fun with this.


Wil sang the lyrics, and even tried to imitate his Chief’s accent to sound authentic. In his mind, he did it successfully. But he was under the influence...


Any: Response


Daymo and Gaz loved the song, having somehow never heard it before. They jumped right in front of the stage, linked arms and danced in a circle. Until Daymo got dizzy and stumbled over to a nearby table, knocking it over.


During the song, Wil began to laugh when he watched his two continental neighbours “dancing” around in a circle with their arms linked.  That was until Daymo got an old school gravity assist and was slung to a nearby table, without any means of slowing his approach.


Serran quickly rushed over to the man.


Serran: Do you require any medical assistance.


Daymo: Yeah cheers mate, she’ll be apples.


Serran raised an eyebrow.


Serran: I am not aware of any females who fit the description of a Terran fruit.


Anyone: Response


There was lots of cheering as Jayla, Tasnim and Wil left the stage.  His new friend Daymo gave Wil several firm pats on the back.


Daymo: Nice one mate! That was sick! (patting Wil on the back)


Did I say “firm” pats?  It turns out they were probably harder than that.


Ukinix: (Coughing, eyes watering, strained voice) Yeah, thanks mate.


G’var: Response


Gaz: You too Jezza, you can really belt it out! And you too little miss. (he winked at Tasnim)


Petras/Tasnim: Response


Anyone: Response


Daymo: Like I promised, next round is on me. What are you all having?


Gaz: I’m out. Get me another beer mate.


Vanlith: (bluntly) Something strong. Anything strong. 


Teller:  Whiskey neat, please and thank you.  


Ukinix: Hmm… Eagle Eye Meadows whisky for me, thanks Gaz.  I saw they had a bottle behind the bar.


Anyone: Response


Wil moved over to the Karaoke console to look at the categories of songs that were available.  Daymo then returned with a drink for Wil – a bloody mary. It wasn’t what he ordered… but he shrugged his shoulder, and took a sip anyway.  


Daymo: Oooh, it’s my turn! I bagsed it!


With pint still in hand, Daymo quickly leaped up onto the stage and jogged up to the karaoke machine.  Wil stepped out of the way, and with a smile re-joined his fellow offivers others.


Any: Response


Serran: (To Daymo) Do you require assistance with the console?


Teller:  Oh, this should be good.  


Serran was used to people taking a long time to choose their song.  He stood patiently, with his hands behind his back, occasionally leaning forward to help the young man who was struggling at times to choose the correct command. 


Daymo: (looking at Gaz) Mate, you’re not gonna believe this.


Instinctively, Wil’s head started to nod as Gaz and Daymo’s song begun.  It sounded like some of the music he had in his collection, which he enjoyed.  He laughed at some of the lyrics they sung.


Daymo: (yelling) Fly me!


Wil clapped and cheered when Daymo was suddenly lifted aloft by Gaz.


Daymo: WHOOOOOO!!!


He then cheered even louder when Gaz ran around the stage with Daymo over his head.


Daymo: Oi Starfleet! Who’s flying high now?


Wil clapped his hands together, before leaning forward, his face red from laughing.


Teller:  You two make targ fighting look like a ballet.  Next drink is on me!  


Any: Response


Feeling his face burning a little red, Serran took the stage, and gestured for the two men to leave.


Serran: (Unimpressed) Your song is now complete.  Please clear the stage to allow for another patron to perform a song.


Any: Response 


As the two other Aussies finally left the stage, Wil turned towards G’var and began to speak…










Lieutenant JG Wil Ukinix

Assistant Chief Engineer

USS Veritas






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