Captain Roshanara Rahman: The Marshals Arrive

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Jul 5, 2019, 2:22:45 PM7/5/19
to UFOP: StarBase 118 – USS Veritas
((Welder's Diner, Ketar V))

::Stomach full of burger, Roshanara sat back in the booth and threw her napkin over her plate. She gave a sly look to her officers.::

Rahman: A nap sounds pretty good right now, actually.

::Ukinix shot back a smile as he finished chewing. He motioned a tap of his combadge.::

Ukinix: Ukinix to Veritas, can you please beam down a couple of pillows and a blankie for the Captain?

::The captain lifted her chin at the engineer.::

Rahman: And my stuffed rhino plush.

Kelrod: Better, transport for three directly to our beds... :: He smiled as he cleaned his hands and mouth, drinking the last of his cold water. ::

::But there was some new tension in the diner as the door opened and the human from earlier returned. Except this time, he wasn't alone. As he and two others walked in, they glanced their way, but the three seemed mainly interested in the Romulans from earlier.::

Rahman: Looks like we may have some trouble brewing here, gentlemen. Eyes sharp.

::Ukinix had sat up as soon as the humans had looked over at them. His eyes remained locked on the trio.::

Ukinix: ::Quietly::: Aye Captain.

Kelrod: Come on... couldn't they wait 'till we're out?

Human customer from earlier: Well, well, look who's still here...

::The female human with olive skin and log blonde messy dreadlocks spoke up, while gesturing towards the Starfleet officers.::

Human woman: And your Starfleet friends here can’t help you. 

Ukinix: ::Quietly, under his breath:: Oh, crap.

Rahman: Remain calm, lieutenant. Whatever happens, we're here to keep the peace.

Kelrod: I believe some action is required. After all, despite how far, this is Federation territory and those Romulans are refugees.

Human customer from earlier: It seems you didn't get the message that you aren't welcome here, Romulan.

Romulan 2: We are just waiting for our burgers. 

::The waitress addressed the human customer from earlier.::

Waitress: I told you to leave, sir. I don't like your attitude.

Human customer: And I don't like having to work with these green-blooded snakes... ::chuckles as he looks back up at the waitress::

::The second Romulan stood up and leaned forward.::

Romulan 2: Is that so!  ::Looking around diner::  Is *this* how the Federation treats refugees?  Then I would be happy to take this outside!

::Brushing her hair back, the female human stepped up towards the Romulan.::

Human woman: Nope.  Here’s just fine.

Kelrod: ENOUGH! You have no authority to ban anyone in here. She :: pointing to the waitress :: has made it clear they can stay. :: To the Romulans :: And no, they're not a representation of what the Federation is.

::Ukinix tapped his combadge for real this time, calling for assistance from the local marshals.::

Ukinix: =/\= Lieutenant Ukinix to any CCMS.  Require presence at - =/\=

::He looked over at the name of the restaurant on the large windows.::

Ukinix: =/\= - Welder’s Diner, opposite Livernois Shipyard offices, ::looking back:: there’s an altercation in progress. ::

CCMS: =/\= Understood, we are en-route. =/\=

::Smiling sinisterly, the human woman approached Ukinix and the others.::

Human woman: Typical Starfleet.  *Always* poking your nose in where it isn’t wanted.

::Ukinix stood up before Roshanara could stop him, although she tried to raise her hand to signal him to remain calm. They needed to de-escalate the situation immediately.:: 

::Kelrod stood up to join him.::

Kelrod: We poke our noses where there are problems and right now, you're the problem. You have a chance to leave before the CCMS arrive. :: Looking at her eyes with all his height :: Your choice.

Human woman: Hmmph.

::The woman turned around as if to walk back but then spun on her feet, throwing a punch towards the chief of security. He caught it with his synthetic left hand, crushing her knuckles with a wincing crack. The woman grunted as she grabbed her hand before Kelrod swung his left hand to the back of her head, knocking her down.::

::One of the other humans attempted to lunge at Ukinix while the one from earlier began tackling one of the Romulans.::

Ukinix: Response

::A couple of phaser shots rang out before two bodies slumped to the ground, those of the humans. Roshanara went to check on Ukinix.::

Rahman: Are you all right?

Ukinix: Response

::She nodded and then looked over at the Romulans.::

Rahman: And you?

::The Romulan just returned a quick nod before their attention was drawn to the local marshals coming in through the door. Kelrod, meanwhile, was back by the first woman still clutching her hand.::

Kelrod: Will you behave or do I have to stun you too?

Marshal: What's going on here?

Kelrod: Don't tell that I didn't gave you a chance to leave. :: to the officers :: I'm Commander Kelrod Chief of Security of the USS Veritas. This woman will require medical attention.

Human woman: Marshal, we were just trying to have a meal when this bastard started shooting! ::She raised her arm up to show the marshal as his partner went to look over at the unconscious bodies.:: He crushed my hand!

Romulan: That was only after you tried to start a fight. You shouldn't start something unless you intend to finish it.

Kelrod: I hope you're okay. I'll be happy to help you get medical attention if you require it.

Romulan: Thank you...

Kelrod: I personally consider Romulans a strong and intelligent people. In fact, Starfleet has Romulans or part Romulans serving. I hope that you are open to reconsider your … views of the Federation.

::But while Kelrod was hoping to show a different side of the Federation to the Romulans, Roshanara sensed they weren't out of trouble just yet, especially as the marshals kept their attention on the defeated humans.::

Rahman: ::whispers:: Commander, I don't think this is over...

Ukinix: Response

::Kelrod looked back up and around the diner.::

Kelrod: I'm sorry for the mess. Please, give my compliments to the kitchen. I'll be sure to come back next time I'm around, if it's fine with you.

Marshal: Not so fast! You all are under arrest.

::Roshanara stepped forward.::

Rahman: On what charges?

Marshal: Disturbing the peace, discharging a phaser in public, assault... need I go on, little lady?

Ukinix: Response

Kelrod: Response

::The captain raised her hand again to try to tell them not to resist.::

Rahman: We'll sort this out at the marshal's office.

((DUN DUN - CCMS Office, Ketar V))

::Trading the diner booth for a jail cell, the three officers were confined behind a forcefield as they waited for one of the marshals to come back. Roshanara and Ukinix were sitting on a small bench while Kelrod remained standing.::

Rahman: I know you both haven't done anything wrong. But we have to be careful now... we're not the final word of the law here.

::She looked up and around the cell they found themselves in.::

Rahman: Clearly.

Kelrod: Response

Ukinix: Response

::Finally, two people came in. One was the marshal from earlier. Another was an older man, his uniform showing that he outranked the other marshals, including Inspector Hext.::

Jennings: I'm Chief Marshal Jennings. You folks must be new around here. You can consider me the local sheriff around these parts.

Rahman: Marshal, I'm Captain Roshanara Rahman of the USS Veritas. These are my officers: Commander Kelrod, my chief of security, and Lieutenant Wil Ukinix, my assistant chief engineer.

Kelrod: Response

Ukinix: Response

Jennings: Captain, why are you starting trouble on my colony?

Rahman: Chief Marshal, we're here to investigate the murder of a Starfleet officer. I'm sure if you speak with Inspector Hext-

::The marshal was a portly fellow, older and with a bit of a drawl in his speech. His voice was raspy like he smoked a few too many cigars.::

Jennings: Hext? Psh, that cowboy? Well, I suppose that explains a little. I don't know how you run things on your ship, captain, but around here, we don't take kindly to phasers going off in diners. Scares the little ones while families are just trying to enjoy their lunch.

Kelrod: Response

Ukinix: Response

Jennings: And in the process, you managed to injure one of them, requiring medical attention, and shot the others. All of whom, I should tell you are pressing charges.

Kelrod: Response

Ukinix: Response

Rahman: Surely, Chief Marshal, you can clearly understand we were defending ourselves.

::The marshal chuckled.::

Jennings: It didn't look like much of a fair fight according to my deputies when they arrived at the scene.

Kelrod: Response

Ukinix: Response

::The marshal rubbed his bearded chin, the hairs as gray as the ones on his head.::

Jennings: Well, it doesn't matter what I think, really. You folks messed up. ::looks at Kelrod:: That woman whose hand you crushed? She's the daughter of one of the councilmen of the Ketar governing council. And I can assure you her daddy ain't happy.

Kelrod: Response

Ukinix: Response

Jennings: ::laughs:: You might be right about that. Still, you've found yourselves in quite the mess now.

Rahman: I need to contact my ship.

Jennings: Relax, captain. We've already sent word up to them. But that councilman is insisting that you remain behind forcefield to await court.

::Roshanara looked back at her officers. Their murder investigation had just turned into a diplomatic--not to mention PR--crisis.::

Kelrod: Response

Ukinix: Response


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