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Danny Lee

Oct 8, 2019, 8:22:30 AM10/8/19

((The Explosive Decompression Bar, Ketar V))


Taggert:  Too right Holden, too right.  After the pass it’s another high warp straightaway, then a low orbit slingshot around the super gas giant Ipsis VII.  Look out for those moons, though - there’s sixty seven of them and the variable gravity can wreak absolute havoc on your navigational systems!


The large group of people gathered at the holo-display at the end of the bar stood with arms crossed.  A 3d-projected representation of the race hovered above and in front of them.  On the large 2d screen behind, the commentators kept talking.




Trevor Waltite, wearing a shirt that was black and white chequered on one side, and green on the other, took a sip of his beer before he turned to the nearby bar person who was wiping the long wooden bar down.


Waltite: ::To bar:: Hey, can we turn the commentary down?  It’s too loud!


Gemander: ::To Waltite:: It’s *fine*, I like Holden!  His commentary is great.


Trevor’s friend, Gerry Gemander, gave his friend a gentle elbow to shut him up.  He was wearing a similar shirt to his friend Trevor, except it was mainly blue, and had “Harrik Mantin” printed on the back.


Taggert:  You bet Ichy, we all still remember what happened twelve years ago, and our sympathies go out to the widows and younglings of all the pilots who just couldn’t quite make the turn.


Waltite: You know Maloo and Thont are having an affair, right?


Gemander: That is absolute *crap*, it’s just a rumour.


Trevor shrugged his shoulders, and took another sip of his beer as he turned his focus back to the holodisplay.


Taggert:  Well look at that folks, the pack leaders are almost at the first turn already!


On the holodisplay above the people located near the bar, the view zoomed in to the first four ships.  They were very close together, vying for position.


Taggert: In the lead is the odds on favorite, the Vulcan Vixen, piloted by Harrik Mantin...


Gemander: ::Fist pump:: Yes!


Several people in the assembled crowd also cheered and clapped at the news of Mantin being in first position.


Taggert: Close behind in the Tribble Trouble is the family team of Liz and Lorna Venth followed by the Ssssss o-o-o-o-o-o-o th-th-th-th, making a strong showwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww….. ::static::: ourth place and c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-coooooommmmmmmmm….. ::static:: Verita-ta-ta-ta-ta  ::static::  -ess that goes to prove the old racers saying: “it’s not the size ::static::  na-na-na-na-na-”


As the 3d holodisplay and 2d screen with the commentators began to stutter and shudder, the groans and sighs of frustration became apparent.


A woman standing next to Gerry and Trevor (wearing a purple shirt with “Venth Family” printed on the back) spoke up.


Cordelia:  It’s the solar storms.


Gemander: They haven’t hit yet!


Cordelia: Yeah, but they forecasted transmission interruptions.  Guess it was just earlier than expected.


Some of the people watching the race suddenly made their way to the bar to get another drink, before the transmission came back.


Maloo: ::Static:: -amn good race! But it ain’t over yet, oh no! And I got a message for those captains at the rear there: ain’t no one ever won a race from the back of the pack.


Taggert:  It’s that kinda wisdom that let you bring home the cup three times, Holden.  Incredible stuff! How about that, Ichy?


Thont: Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz-zzz-zzz-zzz-zzz-zzz ::static::


Everyone groaned and sighed in frustration again.  The holodisplay seemed almost paused, zoomed in but flickering ship positions back and forth.  But it was clear who the top four was.


Bystander: Good to see a Starfleet ship doing so well, for something different.  They could even get a place.


Gerry and Trevor looked at each other, before Gerry spoke up.


Gemander: ::To bystander:: You’re kidding, right?


Bystander: ::Protesting:: What’s wrong with that?  This is just an exhibition race, no-one gets any championship points.


Trevor walked up to the bystander, and grabbed him by the shirt.


Waltite: The only place a Starfleet vessel has any business being in ::gritting teeth:: *any* Class 2 race in the Shoals, is *last*.  You hear me?


Bystander: ::Pushing Trevor in the chest:: You got a problem, idiot?


Gerry stood next to his friend, and pushed the bystander several times in the arm.


Gemander:  Hey, what’s the accent there, pal!  You from Esperance?


Bystander: Yeah.  ::Pushing Trevor::  You got a problem?


Waltite: Typical Esperance $#@%#.  All cosy with Starfleet.  Well, here on Ketar V, we’d rather see that Starfleet ship finish last, or drop out of the race!


The bystander threw a punch at Trevor, collecting him in the neck.  Gerry retaliated, and punched the bystander in the stomach.  The three began to wrestle, causing them to fall back into a group of four people.  Unimpressed, they piled on top of the other three and began to throw their own punches.  Several security staff entered the fray, in an attempt to break the fight up – but they only seemed to make things worse.  More people joined in.


As the fight seemed to grow and escalate, the person behind the bar sighed, before tapping a newly installed button that was located at the back of the bar.


Barperson: =/\=  CCMS? ::Sigh::… We need your presence.  It’s happening again. =/\=


CCMS officer: =/\= Stand by. =/\=


Behind the ruckus, the 2d broadcast came back to life – with no-one in the bar paying attention.


Taggert: ::static:: eeeeeeeek racer that’ll take the competition to school, Trust Taggert!  Visit today - one lucky customer a day goes home with a free impulse manifold, and we’ve always got holo-balloons and jumja sticks for your younglings!











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