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Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek

May 19, 2018, 6:17:41 PM5/19/18
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((Engineering Workshop, USS Veritas))


::A few pieces of equipment from the science labs that were portable had been brought down. She and her team were in the process of syncing up the software programs to increase their efficiency. She and Alex had managed to construct an algorithmic code that would refine the results and, using both sets of data, give them a more complete profile of the artifacts.::


Rosek: Have you been able to glean any more information from searching your databases, Professor?


Alentonis: Yes, and no. I can tell you that the weird box we have is made of some sort of rare Romulan element. I can’t find a name for it in any of the databases I’ve looked at. Since tetryons only exist in subspace, the only theory I have is that the box contains some sort of metallic property that acts as a barrier which prevents tetryons from entering the box.


Rosek: ::nods and turns to Alex:: I think we just about have it. A couple more tweaks--


::Suddenly, one of the microscopes flung sparks and started giving off a faint smoke trail that swirled upwards. Lael abruptly cut power to the device, a stream of curses slipping past her lips. She managed to get it shut down, but not before it set off what sounded like every alarm in Engineering. She winced, covering her sensitive ears instinctively. Still grimacing, she quickly entered a series of commands.::


::She exhaled a sigh of relief as the noise ceased, turning to Alex to speak, but she was cut off by the door to the workshop opening. Anjar hurried inside with a container of pressurized sodium bicarbonate to extinguish the fire the alarms had warned of.::


Thoran: Everyone all right?


Rosek: ::sighs:: Fine. Just a minor glitch in the code I was running.


Blair: I’m good, but that was some minor glitch.


Dugoras/Mint: Responses


Thoran: ::smirks at Lael:: You don’t have to cause a fire to get me down here, you know.


::The man had been bordering on intolerable lately. She had no idea what had him so cocky all of a sudden--or maybe it was just more of Anjar being Anjar. Given how much of an *$$ he usually was, it was difficult to tell. Either way, she was likely going to shove him out the nearest airlock if he didn’t rein it in. She’d already had a talk with him about his comment to Alex not too long ago and really wasn’t looking forward to another one. Eventually, she was going to have to say something to Luna and the Captain about it...which could lead to a note on his disciplinary record.::


::She grunted in irritation. The last thing she needed was for the rest of the Engineering staff to start thinking it was acceptable. She had a reputation to uphold, after all. Those kind of comments in private or even more subtle ones when they were a short distance away from prying ears were one thing. But he was toeing a line that she was convinced he’d cross sooner rather than later.::


Rosek: ::rolls her eyes:: Did you want something, Mister Thoran, besides annoying me to death?


Thoran: ::chuckles:: Just wanted to make sure you all were still alive.


Blair: Well, from the looks of things, we are. But good response time on the fire alarm.


Dugoras/Mint: Responses


Thoran: ::hands the container to Blair:: Here. Just in case she starts another fire...this time, one that she isn’t able to suppress in time.


::Lael rolled her eyes, resisting the urge to sock Alex in the shoulder for laughing. The last thing Anjar needed was people laughing at his bad jokes. He had an inflated enough ego as it was. If either man noticed her irritation, they ignored it.::


Blair: Thanks, we never can be too careful when she’s around.

Thoran: ::chuckles:: Given her reputation for making things explode, I agree.


::She said nothing, just shaking her head.::


Rosek: ::sighs:: o0 Wonderful. Now he and Alex are besties teaming up to irritate me. 0o


Dugoras / Mint: Response  

Blair: Ok, disaster’s over, back to work everyone. We need to figure out what makes this thing tick.


::Stepping into a leadership role had been a natural transition for her. What had been, and still was, difficult was being a leader working under the higher-ranking officer. She liked Alex and trusted his leadership decisions, but that didn’t stop her from wanting to be the one to make them. She could only hope that the balance would come with time.::

Dugoras/Mint: Response


Alentonis: Found it. Reskariaehhrr, a rare Romulan type element. Though how they would’ve gotten access to enough of it to create a box that size….I have no idea.

Blair: ::nods:: Ok, that’s one I’ve never heard of can you tell us some more about it?


::Lael remained silent, listening. Though she normally had a half dozen questions of her own, neither geology nor archaeology were her fields of expertise. In fact, she was out of her depth and it made her more than a little uncomfortable. That in and of itself was a rarity.::

Alentonis/Dugoras/Mint: Response

Blair: And what makes it so rare? Is it something that can be replicated?

Alentonis/Dugoras/Mint: Response

Blair: What about the planet that the Captain and her party are checking out? Is there a possibility that the element could be found there?

Alentonis/Dugoras/Mint: Response


Rosek: ::arches her eyebrows:: Given what we learned in the geoscience lab, getting our hands on this element could be a boon for the Veritas. We might actually be able to focus on the exploration part of our jobs rather than having to run around fixing problems caused by the tetryon interference.

Blair: ::nods:: Ok, we’ve got two problems to solve now. ::turns toward Dugoras and Alentonis:: I want the two of you to work on ideas about how the Romulans got enough of this material to create this containment unit, and if it exists in its natural form on that planet how the Romulans found out about it.

Alentonis/Dugoras: Response

Blair: I’d like for the two of you to brainstorm ideas on how we can use this Reskariaehhrr to our advantage. If we can get a hold of more, can we apply it to our systems to help restore normal functionality?

Rosek: ::nods:: Yes, sir.


Mint: Response

Blair: I’m going to keep looking at this containment unit. I think there’s more to it than just this rare element, and I’m going to find out what that is.

Alentonis/Dugoras/Mint: Response


::With a nod, Lael pulled up the schematics for the ship’s framework and network of optic cables. Her brow furrowed. They really didn’t know a lot about this element’s properties...how it would react to heat, if it could be melted down to be used as a coating…::




Rosek: ::nods:: I agree. It has good potential, but until we can get a large enough sample size to start conducting some experiments, I’m at a loss as to how we can put it to the best use.




Rosek: ::grimaces:: I’d really rather not risk blowing up Engineering. It would be safer to run the tests in the geoscience lab. It’ll have all of the equipment we need and already has protocols in place to enact a quarantine if it becomes necessary.




Rosek: ::glances at the box:: The planet may be our best shot.




Rosek: ::nods:: We’ll need a way to narrow down our search for the material. Any ideas?





Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek, Eng.D.

Engineering Officer

USS Veritas NCC-95035



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