[V-SIC] Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek & Dr. Chythar Skyfire: I Have A Confession [Part II]

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Chythar Skyfire

May 25, 2018, 1:59:08 AM5/25/18
to Veritas IC
​(( Sickbay, USS Veritas ))

​:: Chythar felt terrible for suggesting it. The last time he gave dating advice, both Carter and Raissa were unhappy about the decision. The young tactical officer turned engineer seemed to be focusing on his career at the moment rather than his love life, but CD still felt guilty about instigating that break-up. ::

Rosek: ::runs her hands through her hair and grimaces:: I'm not sure I want to. Alex seems to think talking to Jon about what I'm feeling will help. But after the way he reacted when I told him I had non platonic feelings for you at one point and how rude and jealous he got over something as simple as Alex and I dancing...I'm not sure that's the best idea.

:: Awkward was probably the understatement of the century. Though honestly, from the sound of it if things were going that badly it was probably in her best interests to break it off. CD wasn’t going to interfere -- he destroyed the friendship between Carter and Raissa the last time he gave advice, for Carter’s own safety. He’d be supportive, but not advice-giver. ::

Skyfire: I can’t tell you how to fight this battle. I’ll support you however I can, but I hope you’ll excuse me if I don’t advise you.

Rosek: ::sighs:: Yeah. I get it. But if it has to be an Al-Leyan, the issues with Jon are a moot point. I'll have to break it off because he doesn't deserve that.

:: Chythar nodded slightly, and said nothing. Instead, he shifted the topic. ::

Skyfire: Can I take a brain scan? Perhaps getting a sense of your current neural activity will help me figure out how to stall it.

::This was what she come in here for. Chythar really was brilliant when he put his mind to something. Her gaze remained locked with his a bit longer than it probably should have.The situation with Toryn and Jon had her doubting herself and the maelstrom of emotions that had been raging inside of her for days as she'd tried to come to terms with her present problem. It looked like unless she was able to resolve the mating issue with Jon, their relationship would end one way or another, whether she liked it or not.::

Rosek: ::nods:: Where do you want me?

:: CD motioned to the imaging chamber, allowing her to get comfortable before activating the device. Once the scans were taken and she was released from its grip, he was lost in thought as he studied the neural activity. ::

Skyfire: How long did you say you had between onset and death?

Rosek: ::grimaces:: I know the cycle lasts anywhere between 4 and 8 days. But my Human biology makes me a bit of a wildcard.

Skyfire: I’ll see what I can do.

::Her expression softened, her gaze again meeting his. She knew this wasn't as bad as it seemed. She had options. Chythar would figure out a way to stall this until her duties weren't in the way. The thought of losing Jon to something she couldn't control brought tears of frustration to her eyes that she somehow managed to blink back. Even though intellectually she knew everything would turn out fine, she was a wreck emotionally.::

::This entire experience--stressful would be an understatement. If she had no other choice but to seek Toryn out, she was worried how this would complicate the situation. He was a full-blooded Al-Leyan and believed in all of the tenets of their culture, even the ones she was adamantly against. She'd learned from her research that Al-Leyans didn't support the notion of birth control. What would she do if faced with a choice between dying and risking pregnancy? Could she handle carrying a baby to term with the stress that was her job? Would she have to give up her career?::

Skyfire: I’m also working on a new medication for you. Still in development.

Rosek: ::shakes her head:: Not dying when my season comes around is my main focus right now.

Skyfire: I know… :: He trailed off and stared at the readouts, trying to make sense of what he was reading. ::

Rosek: ::worries her lip:: I feel like I should focus on finding an exiled Al-Leyan...just in case. But that seems too much like I'm accepting that things won't work between Jon and I. I love him, but him getting all bent out of shape because I was dancing with Alex? He knows Alex and I are just friends. I hate to think that I'm going to have to deal with his jealousy and insecurity every time I talk to another man.

:: Chythar said nothing to that for several moments. What could he say? There was only so much dating advice he was capable of delivering, and the last time had ended badly for him. He’d wounded Carter and Raissa at the same time, and hasn’t forgiven himself for it. A simple shrug accompanied a quiet response. ::

Skyfire: Do whatever you think you need to do. I’ll support your decision.

Rosek: ::pauses:: It doesn't bother you that Alex and I have gotten closer, does it?

Skyfire: Nope. Makes me happy you two can work on something without killing each other.

Rosek: ::laughs:: Speaking of which...how are you handling our grumpy, hormonal, pregnant Dr. Alexander-Dalton? She's feisty at the best of times.

:: CD chuckled slightly. Though he hadn’t asked Dassa for help yet on his pet project, he knew that’d be an interesting conversation if they had it while she was still pregnant. ::

Skyfire: She’s working Gamma shifts for the moment. Keeps us out of each other’s way. I think Greywin’s having more face time with her recently.

Rosek: ::grimaces:: Poor Greywin.

Skyfire: He’ll survive. He’s dealt with me in my stupid moments, he’ll deal with this and come out with flying colors.

Rosek: ::pauses:: I’m sorry it took so long for me to come to you. I just--the thing with Toryn and the bombshell from my dad--I needed time to process it. ::grimaces:: I was worried that you’d sense what I was feeling for Toryn, whether I wanted you to or not. I know I tend to project when I’m feeling strongly enough.

:: Chythar nodded slightly, but said nothing. He didn’t know what to say, really. At least, not for a few moments. ::

Skyfire: I understand.

Rosek: ::sighs and runs her hands through her hair:: I hope I’m able to find a solution so that I don’t lose Jon on top of everything else.

Skyfire: You have my word I’ll give it my all. You won’t die on my watch if I have any say in it. oO Again. Oo

:: He shook the thought from his mind. There was no room for doubt in this endeavor. True, she’d died once and he pulled her back, but he wasn’t going to let it happen a second time. ::

Rosek: ::smiles wanly:: I guess it’s time for Doctor Lazarus to make another appearance. ::lays a hand on his arm and murmurs:: I have complete faith in you, Chythar.

:: He nodded slightly and squeezed her hand gently in reassurance. ::

Skyfire: It won’t be permanent, but should buy you time.

:: Once she had departed from his midst, he was alone before allowing the faintest hint of nervousness to show through his otherwise calm expression. He didn’t want her to know how much pressure he was under to try and save her life. Again. Now, the heat was on and he had some book reading to do. ::

Lieutenant Chythar Skyfire, MD
Chief Medical Officer
USS Veritas NCC-95035


Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek, Eng.D.
Engineering Officer
USS Veritas NCC-95035 

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