Ensign Kivik: Questions & Concerns

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Keegan Flick-Parker

Jun 30, 2021, 1:40:13 PM6/30/21
to USS Veritas
((Security center - Deck 6 - USS Veritas))

Nir medical check up complete, Kivik had gone straight to the USS Veritas’ Security Center to find Commander Kelrod - the ship’s Chief of Security - to receive nir clearance. Ne didn’t want to leave any loose threads in the short time left leading up to the away mission to be led by Captain Rahman.

Kivik: Commander - good morning. I'm here to receive my security clearance - and, may I say, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

The junior Science Officer hoped that was an appropriate greeting. oO At least you didn’t nearly run straight into him! Oo ne thought.

Kelrod: You're very polite ensign, that's a good start. First posting?

Kivik: Yes, sir. I just completed my Academy training and cadet cruise. Veritas is my first Starfleet assignment… I’m glad to be here!

Kelrod: :: nodding :: Well, you've come to an interesting place, the Shoals isn't a place usually seen or experienced by most starfleet officers.

Kivik gulped as ne wondered what the Chief of Security meant by ‘an interesting place’... Perhaps nir friend had been right. Perhaps nir worries were not entirely unjustified. Still, it wouldn’t do to show the Commander that ne was nervous.

Kivik: Yes, I’ve heard that it is an… ::considering nir next word carefully:: ...exciting place to work.

Kelrod: You'll get a lot of experience here. As a former scientist I can tell you you'll get a great time here.

The Ensign felt nir brow raise. oO The Commander was a former Science Officer? Or maybe a civilian scientist. Oo

That was interesting. Not many made the switch from Sciences to Security - at least not among those that Kivik had come to know.

Kelrod: ::Continuing:: Lieutenant Lafizatar is a very talented officer and often has interesting points of views to deal with what we find out there.

Kivik: Yes - I look forward to meeting her and getting started with my regular duties. However, Captain Rahman has assigned me to an upcoming away mission already - the Endeavour Five investigation. She sent me here to receive my clearance before then.

Kelrod: All right, for the moment you'll have Delta Two security clearance and data access level two. Lt. Lafizatar can upgrade that if necessary.

Kivik: Thank you, sir. I’ll review the details on my own time. I’ll have some time tonight, I think, as I settle in.

Kelrod: Is there anything else you need or want to know?

Ne had been so focused on the upcoming mission, ne hadn’t considered asking the Chief of Security about anything else. Ne also hadn’t expected him to offer. Should ne have other questions? Security-related questions? Ne wasn’t sure.

Kivik: No- no sir. Not at this time. Thank you.

Ne turned to leave and immediately it struck nir that there were a thousand questions ne had about the Shoals, about the Veritas' prior missions, about the crew. Ne stopped and turned back. Perhaps a thousand questions would be too much - a few, though, should be fine.

Kivik: Uh, actually, I would like to learn more about the Shoals. I have heard they can be a dangerous place. I’m sure the Veritas is well-equipped to handle… anything we encounter out there… but I would be curious to know your informed assessment.

In truth, the Ensign was a little worried about what the Commander might have to share. Ne wasn’t looking forward to hearing that the Shoals were as dangerous a place as nir friends had seemed to think.

Kelrod: Response.

Kivik: ::Gulping:: I take it these are not regular occurrences…?

Kelrod: Response.

Kivik: Well that’s- that’s somewhat reassuring.

Kelrod: Response.

Kivik: Is there anything you think I should be aware of during my upcoming away mission?

Kelrod: Response.


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