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Ka Banning

Jun 26, 2021, 4:57:11 PM6/26/21

((Sickbay - Deck 6 - USS Veritas))

Kivik couldn’t help but feel intrigued to learn his story, to fit his piece into the puzzle that was intergalactic social development. But ne stopped nemself.

Wong: First mission right off the bat! I get that. I was dropped right in the middle of one on my first day here. I guess they want to put you to the test early!

Kivik felt nemself relaxed a little, grateful for common ground.

Kivik: One of my Academy instructors told me that once I graduated, the tests never stopped. They just got less theoretical. I guess she was right.

Wong: You’ll find The Shoals an exciting place, Ensign. There really isn’t a dull moment out here.

Kivik: ::Nodding:: That’s what I came here for - even if my stomach doesn’t always feel like following.

Ne realized the Physician’s Assistant was still carrying the tray of samples.


Ikaia looked down at the tray in his hands.

Kivik: Oh, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t keep you.

Wong: Ah. Right! I just need to drop this off in the labs and scrub up. Then I’ll be right back to do your check in. Just pick one of the biobeds, okay? I’ll be over to see you shortly.


Also, he did NOT want to be holding these samples longer than necessary too. 

Kivik: ::Smiling:: Thank you.

Ne sat on the edge of the bed, feet hanging a few inches off the floor and looked back, just in time to see the Lieutenant returning from the lab.


Ikaia quickly ducked off into the labs in order to properly stow the samples and clean himself up. It didn’t take him long to come back to find Kivik.

Wong: Sorry about the delay! ::Picks up a tricorder:: So before we begin, is there anything I should know about you?

Kivik: I’m not sure. ::Thinking:: J’naii isn’t a Federation world. I’m not sure how familiar you are with our physiology. I imagine the records are somewhat sparse.

He was able to get in enough research to do this check-in. But even he had to admit that Federation databases and medical journals didn’t have nearly enough information with the J’naii as a whole. With very few coming off world, never mind joining Starfleet, finding one was absolutely rare. Sure, Ikaia was going to give the best care he could. But this was going to be new territory - not just for him but for Starfleet Medical too. He’s pretty sure that Dr. Sampi would find Ikaia’s reports really interesting.

Wong: ::Nodded:: They are. We get so few J’naii through here. In fact, you’re the first one I’ve met.

Kivik: So few of my people have left home, and fewer still would have the medical knowledge necessary to develop a useful record.

Wong: I can assure you that your care will be the same as that of everyone else on that ship. That part will never change. 

Kivik: I’m happy to contribute and answer any questions you might have about us. As for myself, I believe I’m well... ::Ne blushed slightly, thinking about nir earlier absent-mindedness:: Maybe I’m a bit nervous.

Wong: Well, it’s okay to feel a bit nervous. It happens to the best of us. A lot of people feel nervous when they enter sickbay. But that’s okay! It’s a normal thing to have happen. But I can say that you’re in good hands with us.

Kivik: ::Rubbing the back of nir neck:: Come to think of it, I haven’t been sleeping terribly well ever since I completed my cadet cruise on StarBase 118. I’ve just been so anxious to get here…

Now that was different. He was expecting some nerves and not insomnia. Could it be possible that Kivik had anxiety? It was something worth looking into.

Wong: Have you ever felt this anxious in the past or is this a new thing for you?


Kivik: Response.


Ikaia noted that one down.


Wong: Hmm… okay. And when was the last time you had a good night’s sleep?


Kivik: Response


Wong: What are nights usually like for you?


He was trying to gather details. Clues. Things he could work with to help his patient. Hopefully, this will start pointing him in the right direction.


Kivik: Response


Lieutenant JG Ikaia Wong

Physician Assistant

USS Veritas



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