[V-A] Capt Rahman: Letters from Home (Part 2)

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Jun 16, 2017, 1:01:34 PM6/16/17
to UFOP: StarBase 118 – USS Veritas
((Enlisted Mess (Auditorium), USS Veritas))

Rahman: All right then, moving on...

::She glanced back out at the crowd for a moment.::

Rahman: In our duties as Starfleet officers, we are not often permitted the luxury of taking a breath and reflecting on our past achievements. But those achievements are worth noting, and that's what we are here for today. You've all made incredible sacrifices to be here, and not just you but your families as well. As I mentioned earlier, this post is much more like a deep space assignment. I know many of us haven't seen our loved ones back home since we left Esperance or even earlier. That sacrifice has not gone unnoticed.

::The captain then nodded at a technician in the back to get the holographic system ready.::

Rahman: I notified the Starfleet Family Association who were able to get in touch with several family members to arrange a special presentation. Working with the other Veritas family members, they have prepared a special message to be delivered to you, and I'm very pleased to deliver that message now.

::She stepped to the side as the room lights dimmed slightly and the holoprojectors kicked in. The form of a man and two children shimmered into existence on the stage.::

Man: Hey, honey, the girls and I just wanted to tell you how proud we are of you.

Girl: I love you, mommy!

::The messages continued from one family to the next, a montage of the Federation back home. The gathered crew that had been mostly quiet up to this point erupted in cheers at various life announcements. Petty Officer Eastman was now a father-to-be. Crewman Lands received a proposal. And though Roshanara wasn't expecting a message from her parents, she was surprised when she saw Taz's form materialize. Yeoman Drys had managed to keep that secret.::

Taz: Captain Rahman...

::The holorecording of the young girl looked down at her interlocked fingers for a moment before glancing up again.::

Taz: ...I know things haven't always been... easy between us, but... I do miss you.

::She chuckled and gave a broad smile that Roshanara had rarely seen but could light a room.::

Taz: And I hope you've missed me and Ki because by the time you get this we should already be there on Antor. Surprise.

::Surprise, indeed. Well, that was something at least for her now to look forward to when they arrived at the Coalition capital in the morning.::

(OOC: If you'd like to add your own personal message from your primary character or PNPC's family to this, please do so!)

::After the final message played, the captain stepped back up to address the crew, who now looked much more relaxed as a whole.::

Rahman: A tough act to follow, but I'll try now. When I call your name, please come to the stage.

(OOC: As ribbons are given, please feel free to intersperse your own character's reactions to others receiving awards as you see fit.)

::She took out her PADD to pull up the list of recipients.::

Rahman: Dr. Nikki Ryan, Agent Evan Delano, Lieutenant Carter Greyson.

Ryan/Delano/Greyson: RESPONSE

Rahman: A life in the service is not without risk, and you all sustained injuries in the course of your duties. I hereby recognize you with the Purple Heart.

Ryan/Delano/Greyson: RESPONSE

::She and Yeoman Drys went down the line together, pinning each of the ribbons.::

Rahman: Next, Commander Walker, please come up here.


::As the spunky chief engineer made her way to the stage, Roshanara contemplated whether or not she was going to censor herself in her final citation for the young woman. Oh, to hell with it. She was the captain now wasn't she?::

Rahman: Commander Walker, your idea and execution of a quantum detonation probably saved all our lives. Some would say you're a miracle worker. I would say you're one crazy <expletive>. But since there's no crazy <expletive> award, I instead am proud to bestow upon you another citation of the Innovation Ribbon.

::She pinned the ribbon and nodded with a smirk.::

Rahman: From one madwoman to another, congratulations.


::As the chief engineer left the stage, Roshanara checked who was next on her list.::

Rahman: Ensign Sepek, please come forward.


Rahman: Ensign, you found yourself in a dire situation aboard that shuttlecraft when your senior officers were incapacitated. For excellent piloting and control of the situation, you are hereby awarded the Captain's Commendation.


::She bowed her head slightly.::

Rahman: Congratulations, ensign.


Rahman: All members of the crew are hereby awarded the Explorer's Ribbon for the discovery of the rogue planet and its inhabitants, the Thraltans.

::What would happen now in dealing with the aftermath of Kallo Ver's reckless actions was anyone's guess, but Roshanara felt little interest in bringing up the controversy in an otherwise jovial celebration.::

Rahman: And finally, as we head onward to our next destination, all members of the crew are hereby awarded with the Maiden Voyage Ribbon. Though we didn't launch fresh out of spacedock, we came together from different corners of the galaxy and across various ships and postings to serve here now as one crew.

::She smiled, much as Taz had done before.::

Rahman: And I am honored to serve as your captain. All right, Crewman Salok, let's get the music started again.

::The Vulcan crewman was now at a console, a hand to his ear holding up an earpiece while the other handled the controls.::

Salok: ::in stoic Vulcan fashion:: Aye, captain. All hands on deck.

Salok: This is VJ Salok, setting a course for maximum dance.

::The lights dimmed again before a multi-colored ball appeared, thanks to the holographic projectors, floating in the air and sending beams of reds, blues, and greens out onto the dance floor just as the first bass notes kicked in, and the .::


Captain Roshanara Rahman
CO, USS Veritas
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