Captain Roshanara Rahman: It took me by surprise I must say

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Jul 15, 2020, 4:30:09 PM7/15/20
to USS Veritas – UFOP: StarBase 118
((Library, Deck 4, USS Veritas)) 

The captain smiled. Although she had grown up an only child, the recent discovery on Krios Prime that she had a sister made her feel that she and Vanlith shared a closer connection than just based on their mutual interests in engineering or as captain and crewmember.

Rahman: I can imagine.
Vanlith: If I’m honest. I gave up singing properly so I had time to help out more. 

Roshanara opened her mouth a bit, pleasantly surprised.

Rahman: I didn't know you sing.
Vanlith: Yeah, I trained from about the age of 6. I loved it. 

Rahman: You'll have to show off at this year's ship wide talent show!

Vanlith: ::chuckling shyly:: I don’t know about that. Maybe if you do.  

The captain waved her hands in front of her, crossing them.

Rahman: Oh, trust me, you don't want to hear me sing. I torture Commander Core enough with that while I'm in the sonic shower.

The Knack didn't apply to carrying a tune.

The young woman shook her head.

Vanlith: Well I’m sure that's not the case. 

Roshanara just smirked.

Rahman: oO Oh, it is definitely the case. Oo

The captain took another sip of her coffee.

Rahman: What kind of music do you enjoy?

Vanlith: I trained to sing opera and musical theatre. 20th and 21st centuries had their own interesting elements to learn and discover. 

Rahman: I love the theatre. My father used to take me to see shows and plays that would be traveling through town. Several years ago, I got to meet one of my heroes, actually, when he was doing a USO show for the crew of the USS Garuda.

She even got to play "Captain Hook" opposite Commander Evan Delano's Pan.

Vanlith: In all honesty I can listen to most things and enjoy them in some way or another which is what I think is most important with music. An appreciation of all of it even if it isn’t your first choice. 

Rahman: That's a good approach for a Starfleet officer to have! Music, food, culture...

Vanlith: But what about you? What is your musical taste? 

Rahman: Have you ever heard of Motown? Soul?

Vanlith: Sounds interesting. 

Rahman: It is. It originated from mid-20th century on Earth, with elements of jazz and gospel music. You should check it out sometime. I bet you would do those songs justice.

Vanlith: Response

She smiled she grabbed her cup again.

Rahman: Stop by my ready room tomorrow. I'll prepare a playlist for you.

Vanlith: Response

((The next day, Captain's Ready Room))

The captain was humming along as the overhead speakers played one of her favorite Motown tunes: "I Heard It Through the Grapevine."

She'd finished going over the list of classics when she heard the door bell chime. Pausing the music, she called for Charlena to enter.

Vanlith: Response

Rahman: ::smiles:: Lieutenant, good morning!

Vanlith: Response

The captain stood up and grabbed a PADD, walking around her desk to stand across from the engineer.

Rahman: ::holds out the PADD:: As promised.

Vanlith: Response

Rahman: You'll have to tell me which ones you like.

Vanlith: Response

Rahman: Oh, and I do have one other thing for you.

She reached back over to grab a small box that had been hiding behind her desktop terminal. She handed it over as well to Charlena for her to open.

Vanlith: Response

Rahman: Charlena Vanlith, for performing your duties to the highest standards of the Federation Starfleet, I am pleased and proud to hereby promote you to the rank of full lieutenant, with all the rights and privileges thereof. Congratulations!

Vanlith: Response


Captain Roshanara Rahman
CO, USS Veritas
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