Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek: Begrudgingly Social...At Least At First

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Lael Rosek

Aug 28, 2018, 2:16:43 AM8/28/18

((Officer’s Lounge, USS Veritas))

Galven: Feel better Lt Commander Lael? That brandy looks like the best on the ship.

::She opened her eyes and turned toward the Ensign, arching both eyebrows this time. He was in her personal space and seemed to be going out of his way to engage her in conversation. Even if the joke went over her head, she could still tell he was trying to make her laugh.::

Rosek: Puns, Ensign? It’s far too early in the evening for those. I haven’t even finished my first drink.

Galven: Thank goodness for the replicator or you wouldn't be having a first drink, sir. ::smirks and looks out a window:: You know, it always feels like it’s evening out here in space.

Rosek: ::shakes her head and raises her glass:: Oh, this isn’t replicated. This is imported from Earth fresh off the boat. ::shudders:: Can’t stand that replicated crap. ::smirks:: Tobian is married to one of the ship’s medical officers so it sometimes takes a bit of wheedling. That’s all.

Galven: Are you talking about Doctor Alexander-Dalton? ::takes a sip of his drink and murmurs:: We’ve met. ::remembers the conduit:: Have you been to engineering yet?

::She arched an eyebrow, sensing that the man wanted to say more, but he seemed to wisely realize that Tobian was standing in earshot and likely wouldn’t take kindly to someone speaking anything less than spectacularly of his wife. Lael knew better than anyone how Dassa could be when she dug her heels in and secretly wondered what she’d done to get the young Ensign’s back up so quickly. Had she been gone that long?::

Rosek: ::grins:: One and the same, yes. ::pauses and says slowly:: Yes...why do you ask?

Galven: ::shrugs:: Just curious! ::to Dalton:: How've you been?

::She noted Tobian’s noncommittal shrug, shaking her head. It seemed that the man had gone meek while he was away. It was funny how life changes could do that to a person.::

Dalton: I haven’t been up to much. Just a lot of reading in preparation for some major life changes.

::She smirked, trying to imagine him hunched over PADDs.::

Dalton: Oops. :: He paused for a moment and sipped his tea, then made sure that neither officer he was conversing with had swallowed their mouthful of drink first as a wide grin crossed his features. :: I’m going to be a dad.

::Lael fought back laughter as the brandy burned its way down, allowing the sound free when she’d finished swallowing.::

Rosek: ::smirks:: i know. I was there when Chythar dropped the bombshell. ::snickers:: She was all moans and “bloody hell”s, but I know her. She’s thrilled.

Dalton: I know she will be.

Galven: ::to Lael:: What about moans?

::She had to resist the urge to roll her eyes, despite the amused smile that crossed her lips at the Denobulan man’s single-minded focus. He was possibly simultaneously the most irritating and the most intriguing man she’d ever met. She was gradually getting used to his rather unusual sense of humor and was beginning to enjoy his banter. He challenged her in a conversation...something exceptionally rare for her.::

Rosek: ::laughs:: Oh, she’ll be fine. She’ll make a good mom. ::chuckles:: God knows she’s mothered me for years.

Dalton: Quite the interesting story, isn’t it, Lael?

Rosek: ::pauses:: She and I had a night together. It’s how we met. ::shakes her head:: The drunken mistakes of youth. ::smiles at Galven:: Long before she met Tobian, who she utterly adores. ::snickers:: The two of them are almost sickly sweet together. ::grins and takes another drink of brandy::

Dalton: I think the word you’re looking for is “adorable.” But why all the teasing?

Rosek: ::pats Tobian’s hand and laughs:: Best get used to it, Dalton. ::smirks:: Take it as a compliment. I only tease people I like. And like it or not, we’re like family now that you’ve made an honest woman out of Dassa.

::It was ironic how she’d come to think of the man as a brother, given that he’d started out as her counselor and how much she loathed being forced to attend mandatory counseling every week to keep her commission. Maybe that was actually why she tended to dislike counselors in general. She wasn’t in the habit of opening up about the darker thoughts that she battled each day and being made to do was sheer ripping her fingernails off one at a time.::

Dalton: I’ll get used to it eventually, I’m sure.

Galven: ::raises glass:: Congrats, Dalton!::beat::: What's Commander Mei'konda drinking?

Dalton: Chai latte with extra spice.

Galven: ::smiles:: Great. Could you make another one? I'll bring him a refill.

Dalton: Sure.

::With Tobian now otherwise distracted, she studied the young Denobulan for a long moment. It was obvious he had an interest in her if the way he was studying her intensely was any indication. The brush of his hand against hers only proceeded to make it more obvious. Even with the suppressants for her abilities, she could sense that she made him nervous that it was getting through layers of mental shields and the meds.

Galven: ::shrugs and sips his drink::What? Just helping the Commander out.

::Taking the drink, Galven made a surprisingly quick exit. Was he embarrassed? How long had it been since she’d had that effect on someone? She was used to more confident men approaching her. Not that she hadn’t encountered the occasional shy ones who stuttered and stammered as they asked her what she was drinking and if they could buy her another. It had just been awhile.::

Galven: Congrats again, Dalton! Lt. Commander, enjoy your brandy. See you again another ::pauses for a pun:: early space evening!

::She shook her head as the Denobulan wandered off, turning her attention back to Tobian.::

Rosek: Was I imagining it or was he trying in his own quirky way to flirt with me?

Dalton: It could just be the brandy, but Denobulans tend to be openly flirtatious with anyone they find themselves attracted to.

::She nodded. That was true enough. She didn’t know why she should be so surprised. Before she and Jon had started dating, she’d had any number of both men and women approach her, hoping to charm her. Maybe it was the adorably awkward way Galven had done it that made it stick out in her mind.::

Rosek: You have a point, I suppose.

Dalton: Just an observation from what I know of their culture. You going to go say hello?

::Following his gaze to the group Galven had just departed from, she studied the three men, noting two new faces. J’vreh she’d heard about from Dassa. Lovar was entirely unfamiliar to her. Despite having entered the lounge with the resolve to only engage those who directly engaged her, she found herself drawn in their direction with her now-full glass of brandy in hand.::

Rosek: ::murmurs to Tobian:: If this night keeps up, I might need more than two.

Dalton: Response

::With a sigh, she moved toward the three smiling at the familiar sound of Mei’konda’s voice. The two ensigns each stood, for their part, mostly unaware of her presence until she stepped into their line of sight.::

Mei’konda: Hello, Commander.  Is the niight treating you well?

Rosek: Not too badly, sir. And yourself?

Mei’konda: Yes indeed.  I’m getting to know the new transfers.  Promiising bunch, I think.

Any: Responses

Rosek: ::turns to Lovar and J’vreh and extends a hand:: You two must be new. Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek. Engineering.

Lovar: :: The two shook hands. :: I wouldn't say I'm new, I mean I've been here for twenty eight years. :: He grinned and let go of her hand. :: Ensign Lorian Lovar, sir. I'm a science officer, if you couldn't guess by the uniform or the ears.


::Lael bit the inside of her cheek to stifle a laugh, but was unable to suppress the grin. She was well aware that Vulcans had a reputation for being incredibly serious...but she’d met so many Vulcans with a good sense of humor lately that she was beginning to question that her preconceptions about Vulcans in general. She had a very positive working relationship with Evan and had the beginnings of one with Sepek. For all she knew, her personality was refreshing to like-minded Vulcans.::

J’vreh: Response

Lovar: If my memory serves me right you're the chief engineer.

Rosek: ::smirks:: Well, somebody has to run the bowels. And since I’m the ranking officer on hand down there, it only makes sense.

::She caught sight of the expression on Mei’konda’s face and let loose a soft chuckle.::

Lovar: I guess so.

Mei’konda: It miight also have to do with the fact that you’re a very talented engineer, Commander.

J’vreh: Responses

Rosek: ::shrugs and sips her drink:: Our last chief left some big shoes to fill, but I have a good team.

Lovar: It's always best to have a team you can trust.

Mei’konda: Well, the Veritas may not be the most glamorous assiignment in the fleet, but I thiink you’ll find that here, Ensign Lovar.  


Lovar: Good to know, sir. I'm glad that's the case.

Rosek: ::grins:: Glamor isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. ::to Lovar:: Teamwork is a Veritas specialty. ::winks::


Lovar: ::he nodded:: I hope to be of some help here, sir. I gave up a lot to get into the academy and I refuse to let you all down.


J’vreh / Greyson: Responses

Mei’konda: One thiing’s for sure.  We work haard out here, and no deep spaace assignment I’ve ever had is as challenging as workiing in the Shoals.  Once you sharpen your skills here, everythiing else seems easy.

Rosek: ::sips her brandy and nods:: That’s been my experience as well.


J’vreh / Greyson: Responses

::She watched Mei’konda finish his drink, pass the empty mug off to the waiter and stand.::

Mei’konda: I thiink I’ll get off to bed, everyone.  Ensigns, it was good to talk to you. :: He aimed a pleasant nod toward Rosek and Greyson. :: Commander, Lieutenant.

Lovar: ::He held up his hand, splitting his middle and ring fingers and extending his thumb to a curve:: Live long and prosper, sir.


Rosek: ::smiles:: Have a good evening, sir.


::As Mei’konda moved toward the exit, she shifted her attention to the men left at the table.::


J’vreh  / Lovar / Greyson: Responses


Rosek: ::smirks:: I almost feel like we should be hitting the holodeck for a few rounds of poker.


J’vreh  / Lovar / Greyson: Responses


Rosek: ::laughs:: I’m not sure if Commander Mei’konda is a poker player, but I admit it would be interesting to find out.


J’vreh  / Lovar / Greyson: Responses


Rosek: ::sips her brandy:: Note to self. Talk to the Captain about more ship-wide team-building activities.


J’vreh  / Lovar / Greyson: Responses


Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek
Acting Chief Engineering Officer
USS Veritas NCC-95035 

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