[V-SIC] Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek & Lieutenant Chythar Skyfire: I Have A Confession [Part I]

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Chythar Skyfire

May 25, 2018, 1:59:04 AM5/25/18
to Veritas IC
((Sickbay, USS Veritas))

::She was nervous. Hybrids were so rare among Al-Leyans that the research regarding whether the urges could be resolved with another species was vague at best and most likely unreliable since it hadn’t been conducted by Al-Leyan scientists. No. The Al-Leyan government had no interest in encouraging extra-species affairs. Without knowing if she was required by biology to take an Al-Leyan mate during this time to stave off the inevitable, she was in quite the quandary. She ran a hand nervously through her hair as she moved toward one of the biobeds, calling out.::

Rosek: ~Chythar?~

:: The doc had been busy putzing with requisition forms, a sigh of exasperation emitting from his lips before he had a sip of his raktajino. Once again, he felt the burden of administration and the bureaucracy that went along with the position of leadership. His muscles were screaming at him for him to move, and at the telepathic message, he blinked slightly before he glanced around and found Lael on a biobed. ::

Skyfire: What’s up, Lael?

Rosek: ::pauses:: Is anyone else around or is it just us?

Skyfire: Greywin’s doing inventory. Skokie’s on a later shift, as is Dassa. What’s up?

Rosek: ::blushes:: I have a bit of a problem. It’s private and I’d rather the whole medical team didn’t need to know the details. ::pauses:: How familiar are you with Pon-Farr?

Skyfire: I know it’s fatal, and never had any practical experience with it. It’s not applicable to you since you aren’t Vulcan.

::Her blush intensified. This was Chythar she was talking to and this was a natural biological function. Why was she having such a dratted hard time talking about it? Her lips were dry, forcing her to peek her tongue out nervously to moisten them.::

Rosek: ::gaze drops from his and murmurs:: You would think so, wouldn’t you? ::grimaces:: Just my luck that there’s an Al-Leyan equivalent.

Skyfire: Oh really? Do tell.

::Irritation quickly replaced the embarrassment, a wry grin crossing her lips. It was a rather blaise reaction considering her current predicament. But, she had to remind herself, he obviously didn’t know enough about Al-Leyan physiology to understand the ramifications of what she’d just said. It was hard to tell if the sudden flare of anger was due to her anxiety or if it was a sign of her season. Forcing herself to keep a level head, she responded.:::

Rosek: ::mutters:: Same outcome if I don’t-- ::blushes::

Skyfire: Talk to me, Lael. 

Rosek: ::sighs:: If I don’t engage in physical intimacy with someone, this will kill me. ::grimaces:: And I don’t even know if it has to be an Al-Leyan or not. There’s so little available on the outcomes of extra-species mating during an Al-Leyan’s season--It’s all down to blood chemistry.

:: Chythar’s brow furrowed as he absorbed the information. Hearing that it could be fatal wasn’t a prospect he relished. He felt the mix of anger and anxiety flash through her, and blinked a few times to clear his vision. ::

Skyfire: Well. We can’t have that, can we?

Rosek: ::scowls:: You’re oddly calm about this.

:: Chythar didn’t know how else to react to the news. As a medical professional, he was obligated to remain calm. Panicking didn’t help anyone. ::

Skyfire: Panicking won’t help.

Rosek: ::sighs:: Doctor face. Fine. I need to know if you’ve made any headway with a temporary solution.

:: Chythar nodded and prepared a hypo for a blood draw as he looked at the biobed readouts. He tried to relax a little bit, but somehow the anxiety she was feeling was not making that easy. Once the blood was drawn, he put it through the instruments to figure out what was going on. As they waited, he pulled the bio-bed results up on the nearest screen. ::

Rosek: ::nods:: I need to figure out if I can take care of this here or if I need to make arrangements with someone on Leya-I.

Skyfire: I have no idea...from what I know of your hybrid physiology, your government can’t help.

Rosek: ::grimaces:: I wasn't planning on asking them. 

Skyfire: So...things are icy with Jon?

Rosek: ::sighs:: It's...complicated. And it's only gotten worse since Evan and Mei’konda’s wedding.

Skyfire: So maybe you need to break it off…

Lieutenant Chythar Skyfire, MD
Chief Medical Officer
USS Veritas NCC-95035


Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek, Eng.D.

Engineering Officer

USS Veritas NCC-95035



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