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Wil Ukinix

Jul 23, 2020, 12:28:02 AM7/23/20

((Corridor, Deck 6, USS Veritas))

Romjin: What is your telepathic rating? Being a quarter Betazoid, I assume it’s nature.

I’m E4, it’s part of who I am naturally.  Raissa’s been helping me cope with it again since I joined Starfleet.  Sometimes I’m convinced that there’s something wrong with me, but ::shrugs:: I dunno, I just have to learn to remember that I’m naturally this way.

Romjin: Being an empath certainly does not make something wrong with you. Your neural activity is a little high for a non-empath but it’s well within range for an E4.

Ukinix: ::chuckling:: I’m surprised you can find any neural activity in there at all, Doctor.

He smiled a little when he saw Dr Romjin laugh.

Romjin: Is there anything else in your medical history we should be aware of?

Ukinix: I injured my ankle when I was seventeen, that’s given me grief on and off sometimes, but lately it’s been good.

Just as the good doctor went to speak, she was interrupted by Gabi.

Porchevska: Mostly it’s because he’s an engineer and notoriously stubborn.

Wil smiled at Gabi, and her cheek.

Ukinix: ::Smiling, playfully:: Oi, that’s enough out of you!

Truthfully, he was glad to see Gabi.  She was always a lot of fun.

Alken:  It causes you some pain off and on, you say?  And, you don’t want us to do something so that you won’t have this pain, off and on?  Do you like having pain off and on?  Sounds like a neurosis, to me.

Romjin: That’s a rather hasty jump to judgment without knowing the full details. ::to their Chief Engineer:: The next time you have trouble with it, drop by and I’ll do some scans to see what exactly may be causing the discomfort.

Ukinix: No worries.

Porchevska: ::grins at him:: He learned from the best, our previous Chief Engineer who was notorious for injuring himself. Last I heard, someone dropped a shuttle on him.

Ukinix: ::Cheekily:: He’s lucky it didn’t explode.

Porchevska: ::laughs:: I’m just impressed, Wil showed up voluntarily. ::wags a scolding finger at him::

In a mock show of shock, Wil playfully dropped his jaw.

Romjin: ::smiling:: Whatever the motivation, I am thankful. It saved me the effort of having to corner him in Engineering.

Ukinix: ::Playfully:: Weeeelll… ::inhaling through grimaced teeth:: you can try, but you’d have to get past a Risian’s locks and a robotic dog.

Romjin: ::grinning:: Oh, trust me, I would. ::changing the subject:: I’m not seeing anything in the scans that warrant immediate concern. Your blood pressure is slightly elevated so I’m going to have you lower your intake of salt, get more rest and more exercise.

Wil nodded.  His diet hadn’t been great, and ever since G’var had left, his exercise regime had dropped off.  He was keen to get back into running again.

Ukinix: Righto.  Thanks, Doc.

Romjin: I do however want to schedule you for a more indepth scan of your brain just to be on the same side.

He looked at Doctor Romjin with raised eyebrows, in slight surprise.

Ukinix: Oh! Um - ::shrugging:: - sure.  I’m in your hands.

Porchevska:  Response (if any)

Romjin: Very good then. If you don’t have any questions or further concerns, you’re free to enjoy some much deserved R&R.

Ukinix: ::Wicked smile:: You giving me the afternoon off?

Porchevska:  Response (if any)

Ukinix: I think I’m going to hit the pool, I haven’t done laps in *ages*.

From a very young age, his Mum had taken him to swimming lessons, to gain an appreciation of water safety, and to be confident in the water going forward.  Swimming was a big part of his culture at home.  The beaches of Fremantle were one of his favourite places to hang out in his teenage years.  He’d even had a try at surfing with a few of his mates several times at Leighton Beach – he loved being in the water but was never any good at it.  Playing footy was always his first love. And the reason for his bad ankle.

Porchevska:  Response (if any)

Ukinix: Nah, I find it relaxing.  It’s the “Rest” part of R&R.  Kinda.

Porchevska/Romjin:  Response (if any)

Ukinix: ::Getting off biobed::  Then afterwards, I’ll sit by the pool, pop on some music on my PADD from my collection and relax.  That’s R&R. oO Might even have a beer. Oo

Porchevska/Romjin:  Response (if any)


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