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Wil Ukinix

Jul 24, 2020, 3:34:56 AM7/24/20

((Engineering Lab, Deck 8, USS Veritas))

Wil was listening to some music from his collection, whilst reviewing the results of Kelrod’s phaser range tests, and modelling potential tweaks based on Blake’s “hunter’s organ” suggestion.

The sound of a lone piano, an instrument still used and revered in the 24tch century, echoed around the room as a holographic schematic version of Kelrod’s arm floated above the central table. 

He stood back and crossed his arms and looked back at the model, as he realised he was due to give an update to the Captain regarding the ship’s repairs.

He let the music keep playing as he walked out of the lab to head for Deck, while quietly singing along. 

: // Know it-sounds fu-nny, but-I just-can’t staaaaaaand the-paaa-iiin… //

((Main Engineering, Deck 8, USS Veritas))

The music went silent as the lab’s door shut behind him.

Ukinix: ::Quietly singing to himself:: Girl I’m leaaa-viiing you to-mor-ooooooo-owwww…. ::whispering:: Bup- Bup- Bup- Bup- Bup-

((Corridor, Deck 8, USS Veritas))

::Quietly singing:: It-seems to-me-giiirl, you-know I’ve done aaaaall-I-caaaan… ::pressing turbo lift call button, hands behind back::..  You-see I-begged, stoooole, and-I borroooo-oooo-ooowwwed…

((Turbolift, USS Veritas))

::Louder singing:: Yeeee-heeeaaaaah ::normal voice:: Deck 1!   ::singing, high pitch:: Hoooooooo!

The doors closed, and the hum of the turbolift was drowned out by….

Ukinix: ::Loudly singing:: ’S-why I’m eeeeeeaaa-ssssyyyyohhhh-ohhhhhh-ohhhhh-ohhhhhhhh… I’m ea-sy like Sund-day moooooor-nin’… yeeaaaaa-aaaa-aaa-

He instantly stopped singing when the turbolift doors unexpectedly opened on Deck 6.  A man younger than Wil entered.  He seemed to be wearing what Wil would call “vintage” clothes.  Not that he was one that could throw stones, in a holodeck concert program with Jayla and Teller months earlier the computer had replicated him clothes that would fit the era of the program - 2011.  Wil still occasionally wore the AC/DC t-shirt from that day, given that composer’s connection to Fremantle, his home city.

What this man was wearing seemed to be of a similar era.  Was he a new crew member that was about to have some time in the holodeck?

: Um Hi.

Uknix: ::Smiling, polite nod:: G’day, mate, how are you.

The visitor regarded Wil with a raised eyebrow before he placed a hand over his face.  Wil assumed that maybe he was tired from a trip out to the Veritas, travel through the Shoals could be taxing.

Dwight: Yeah I’m fine. Just woke up from a 400-year long nap…

Wil instantly smiled then looked forward towards the doors.  Etiquette in the turbolift seemed to vary on the ‘Tas.  Some people in the turbolift remained silent.  Some liked small talk.  He didn’t mind a bit of small talk himself, especially with a new crew member.

Ukinix: ::Chuckling:: Oh yeah, I know the feeling.   A quick fifteen-minute nanna nap turns into a few hours.  Kinda nice though sometimes…

He trailed his sentence off, as he sensed the emotions in the man.  Shock, disorientation, weariness, but no indications of a cordial emotion- not that he wasn’t being friendly, but there was no emotion that he’d normally associate with making small talk.  He looked back at him and took in the look on his face.

Ukinix: Wait.  You mean, um…

He closed his eyes for a few seconds, not believing the question he was about to ask.

Ukinix: oO “You were being serious?” No, I can’t ask that.  But what if he is?  Wait. That’s a ridiculous question!  Oo

This was one of the moments where his empathic “gift” clashed with the logical part of his brain.  Despite the visitor’s vintage clothing, and the emotions he was sensing from him, Wil couldn’t bring himself to ask the question.  So he changed it at the very last moment.

Ukinix: Are you visiting some- where are you from?

He watched as the visitor stroked his chin, thinking through his answer.

Dwight: It’s a long story. If you have the time I could use some company.. and a drink. If he happy to explain

Ukinix: Um – sure!  ::Looking up, speaking to computer:: Deck 4.

Dwight: Response

Ukinix: You mean… ::Pointing up to ceiling:: Voice activated?

Dwight: Response

Wil inhaled through grimaced teeth and furrowed his brow a little, before speaking.

Ukinix: …I think you’re going to need several drinks.

((Officer’s Lounge, Deck 4, USS Veritas))

(OOC: Zech to keep things moving I’m going to assume that Marcus told Wil a high level version of events on the way to the officer’s lounge.  Hope that’s OK!)

Wil’s head was still spinning from what he had just heard.  The “Eugenics Wars” that raged over the course of the mid 1990’s was one of the darkest periods in Earth’s history.  He had learned about it in history at school, and how Australia had joined its allied nations to fight in it.  There were protests at home against it, some of them violent.  Many young Australians died fighting in it.

He had no reason to doubt Marcus’ story, and he knew that Captain Rahman would have had their guest quickly sorted out if he was lying.

He walked over to one of the replicators on the wall, raised his eyebrows and pointed towards Marcus.

Ukinix: Drink?

Dwight: Response

Ukinix: ::Smiling:: Whatever you like.  I can’t drink because I’m still on duty, but – don’t let that stop you.

Dwight: Response

The Chief Engineer nodded, before he added his request.

Ukinix: ::To Computer:: That, and a Virgin Mary.

Several beams of diagonal light criss-crossed and converted energy to matter inside the recess of the replicator.  A few seconds later, Marcus’ drink, and a non-alcoholic version of a Bloody Mary were ready.  Wil picked up the drinks before handing Marcus his glass.

Dwight: Response

Ukinix: oO Wait ‘til you see the transporters. Oo

Wil took a sip of his drink, as he gestured for Marcus to take a seat on a nearby couch.

Ukinix: Geez, where do I start.

He took a seat, then exhaled through his almost closed lips while looking out of the window, before looking back at Marcus.

Ukinix: Alright, let’s start with - ::sitting forward:: this Starship travels faster than light.  Well, technically it doesn’t, it distorts space around it.  And that allows us to travel well beyond Earth. 

Dwight: Response






Lieutenant Commander Wil Ukinix

Chief Engineer

USS Veritas


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