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Danny Lee

Jul 22, 2019, 1:22:31 AM7/22/19

((Romulan Town, Centennial City, Ketar V))


Kelrod: Commander, Chief, maybe they'll be less aggressive to our uniforms than those of the ones they're coming towards. I feel that what happens here from now on, will weigh on your shoulders. Commander, if we're to do something, as doctor MacKenzie stated, we need to start moving.


Jennings: I don't know if they'll really be able to tell the difference between uniforms in the dark and through all the smoke, but fine, if you're here to give us a hand, then go in there and help find my missing deputy.


::The Commander held up his hand to silence his fellow officer.::

Delano: Where was your man?


Jennings: His last position was recorded somewhere on the fourth floor before the beacon's signal was lost.


Delano: If they have a scrambler, we won’t be able to beam anyone in or out directly to that position, but we can at least beam to the correct floor. :: He briefly looked to his team. :: Kelrod, Xerix, you’ll come with me. Ukinix, MacKenzie, Moonsong, stay here and start medical treatment. Use the shuttle’s transporters to beam as many people out as you can. If there are any serious injuries, you may want to have Veritas beam them directly to sickbay--


Moonsong: ::looks at Evan with a nod.:: Yes, Commander. We have it covered.


::The Starfleet command looked to Jennings.  Jennings closed his eyes, sighed through his nose, before nodding to the Commander giving him indication that he could proceed.::


Delano: No sense in delaying emergency treatment in a life-threatening situation.


Moonsong: Understood, Commander.


Ukinix: ::Quickly:: Aye sir!


::He sighed again, as the Starfleet officers walked away. He watched them talking and planning their next steps.  Unlike his own Marshals, these officers seemed organised and efficient.


How annoying.::



((A few minutes later…))


::Occupants of the apartment building, mostly Romulans, were materialising five at a time in front of the nearby Starfleet shuttle.  The two female Starfleet officers were attending to them. 


The fire in the apartment building had gotten bigger, and people were streaming out of the neighbouring apartment blocks that also had flames licking at them from the main fire.  He wondered how far away the fire containment unit was…


Suddenly, the shorter female with dark hair started towards him and his group of Marshals.   He rolled his eyes, before he spoke quietly so that only the other Marshals could hear him.::


Jennings: ::Sigh:: Here we go again…


::He caught a few smirks from his colleagues, before the female officer walked through their group and stood in front of him.::


Moonsong: Chief Marshal Jennings!!!

Jennings: Yes officer.

Moonsong: Where are you emergency responders?

Jennings: They’re on their way.

Moonsong: We are pulling people out of the building as fast as we can, but there are a lot of injuries.

Jennings: ::Looking up at fire:: Then you folks are doing a fine job.

Moonsong: ::She kept a lid on her anger.:: Chief… I have three officers in that building looking for you man. Do you think you can direct a few medics in our direction?

::He placed his hands in his hips.::


Jennings: The *few medics that we have* here are attending to my injured Marshalls, as you may have noticed there has been some assaults.  More medics are on their way. This is Ketar V, not Earth.  Maybe you can send a message to San Francisco and send us some more medics.


::There was a small chuckle from the Marshals surrounding him.  He then noticed the red headed officer walking toward the group, holding up a box that was in her hand.::


Jennings: ::Under his breath, sighing:: Oh, boy.


MacKenzie: ::to Moonsong:: Commander, Lieutenant Ukinix has provided us with transporter tags, which should allow us to transport any of the critical patients to the local hospitals… ::in Jennings’ direction:: If they can’t seem to get their emergency responders here, the least we can do it get them to the care they need.


Jennings: Our priority is to get these people to safety from the fire, and being our investigations.  Then we can treat-


MacKenzie: Marshal, it’s very clear that you’re either unequipped to get these people the help they need, or you’re unwilling. Either way, I don’t give a damn what your problems with them might be – my only job is to see to their medical care, and this is not the best place for me to do that. If Captain Rahman disagrees with my decision, then that’s between she and I. Right now, my only interest is in getting these people the care they need. ::to Raissa, urgently:: Commander, they need our help. If we’re able to get them to their own medical facilities, then that’s what we should do…


Moonsong: Response


Jennings: ::Raising palms:: This is a raid for felicium, and we have many people to question.  I’ll allow the seriously injured, and ::Raising finger:: *only* the *very* seriously injured  to be sent to the Centennial City General Hospital, or your ship.  But I want Marshals present so that they are under guard.


::He watched them as the two Starfleet officers walked back towards the Romulans sitting outside of the Starfleet shuttle.::


MacKenzie: ::handing Moonsong transporter tags:: These are only for the most serious injuries… those needing skin grafts, bone fractures, ::she paused long enough to glare at Jennings:: anything that you don’t think I’ll be able to treat with what we’ve got here. Has anyone heard from Commander Delano’s team? They can’t spend much more time in there without suffering from serious smoke inhalation...


Jennings: Yes. Where is Calbert.  ::Narrowing eyes::  I thought you Starfleet folks were going to rescue him.


Moonsong:  Response


::Jennings shook his head, then pointed to some of his Marshals as he addressed them.::


Jennings: Rhinestone, Colita, and… Kidd.  Get over to the CCGH, coordinate with the hospital staff there to set up a ward to keep them all together.  Amalfi, I want you to go up to their damn Starfleet ship, and stand watch in their sickbay.  If they’re in our orbit, they’re in our jurisdiction.


Amalfi: ::Pointing up to sky:: You mean, that damn Starfleet ship?


::Jennings did a double take as he looked over his shoulder.


Their damn Starfleet ship was heading towards their position.::


Jennings: ::To Moonsong:: What in the hell-


Moonsong: Response


::Just nearby, two figures materialized into existence.  It was two of the three Starfleet officers that had gone into the burning building to get Calbert.  The lead Starfleet officer, and Calbert, were missing.::


Jennings: Oh, I’ve had enough of you folks.  ::To Kelrod and Xerix:: WHERE’S MY DEPUTY MARSHAL!


Kelrod/Ghant: Responses


MacKenzie/Moonsong: Responses


::Jennings rolled his eyes and raised his hands in despair, before letting them fall to his side.  He then looked up as the Starfleet ship slowed to a near stop and became an ominous figure in the sky above them.::




MacKenzie/Kelrod/Ghant/Moonsong: Responses














Lieutenant JG Wil Ukinix

Assistant Chief Engineer

USS Veritas




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