Lt. Cmdr. DeVeau - "Temptation"

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Amanda Nordstrom

Jan 14, 2019, 10:33:41 PM1/14/19

((Planet Limbo, Day 108))

::Alora peered up at the sky, wondering if the clouds would break or if  it would rain. From the way the air felt, thick and heavy with miniscule droplets of moisture, she suspected rain.  It was often humid in the forest, but there were points where the sky could hold no more, and it poured out its bounty upon the earth below.  Everyone could expect to get soaked at that point, but it was just a part of life.:: ::Glancing behind her, Alora wondered how long she had.  If previous was any indication, not long, and she had gone a goodly distance from the camp after setting her traps.  The young woman still couldn’t fathom why they were barely making it in regards to supplies. Everything she had learned in her two months alone had been passed on to her companions.  In the two months since, her knowledge, ability, and skills had only improved, as had the others’. So what was wrong?::

::A thief, that was what.  The idea bugged her and bugged her, but Alora wasn’t sure what she should do about it.::

::Movement drew her attention away from her thoughts, which had, in turned, stayed her hand as she had been engraving more sketches on the papyrus bark that she continued to harvest from the papyrus tree - well, that’s what she called it anyway.  She wished she’d discovered its strength earlier so her earlier drawings could have been on it instead. Rolling the picture, she tucked it into her bag slowly, careful not to make a sound. During her time in the forest, she’d learned so many things, and moving quietly was one of them.   From the way Sachiko reacted, she immediately knew who was approaching, and it was one of the reasons that she delved so deep into the forest’s depths. Moments later, the forest went silent, an indication that they were not ona hunt::

::Soon, they emerged from the trees beyond her sight, the couple that Alora had seen when the mating dance had captured her attention.  After some studying her notes, she had hazarded a guess on the distance of their territory. This was not the same couple that she had come across earlier in her travels, but that didn’t matter.  From the size of the female’s belly, she was getting to birth the kits very soon, and Alora wished she could be there when it happened. That was doubtful, though, not to mention dangerous. There was nothing like a wild animal’s anger when one thought its young was in  danger. Crouching silently, Alora’s legs no longer ached, thanks to the conditioning they had received for the past three months. She sat there in silence, watching as they paced forward. Slowly, the passed, the female tossing her head, neck gliding one way, then another, and Alora’s eyes lit up.  She was agitated. Labour? Early? Probably early - otherwise, she’d likely be in her den. Oh if only she could follow…::

::Alora glanced back in the direction of where the camp lay, though it was far, far out of sight.  Taking a deep breath, Alora waited until they slipped into the forest then started after them. She didn’t get more than ten paces when she stopped, her shoulders slumping, for sense finally slipped into her mind.  As much as she wanted to follow them, she knew she couldn’t. Nickson ran a tight camp, and the creature was probably still in a stage of labour early enough that Alora would be gone far too long. With a sigh, she turned and began to make her way back toward the traps, then beyond that toward what had become her home.::

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