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Rahman: I'll have Commander Blake meet us there in the brig. I'm sure she's been dying at the chance for a reunion.


Blake: I am five seconds away from practicing some grievous bodily harm on you, I swear to Noree.

::Kallo Ver. The one that got away - *repeatedly* - was back in the Veritas Brig for a third time.::

::Still under medical watch, Blake had been regulated to light duties - and as a Ranger, this generally meant "no duties at all". Not that she was getting restless; she was enjoying her break, still looking a little worse for wear following the seizure she'd had a few days ago. Since her quarters and office were about twice the average temperature of the Brig and she wasn't technically on duty, she'd come in wearing black thermal skins from her toes to her collar bone, a gold sweater and one of her "old" black and grey uniform jackets thrown over top to give her a semi-professional look.::

Kallo: That's just no good for your stress levels.

Blake: You know what *else* is no good for my stress levels? *You*, in my Brig, *again*. If there is ever a next time, I'm going to petition to have you blown out the airlock.

Kallo: I'm aware I've done some . . . unfavourable things, but honestly, *spacing me*? That's a bit far, even for you, Just Commander.

::It was probably for the best that there was a forcefield in the way, and Blake physically did not have the energy to throttle him.::

::Captain Rahman and Commander Rosek finally stepped into the brig behind her.::

Rahman: You look surprised, Mr. Ver.

Kallo: Actually, just mildly fearful of my safety.

Blake:::rubbing her eyes, muttering:: Why didn't I hand you to Zhou when I had the chance . . .

Rosek: Response?

::Their captain stepped up to the forcefield that separated Kallo from the rest of them - probably for his own good, really.::

Rahman: Don't get your hopes up just yet. This isn't a social visit.

Kallo: You flatter me, Captain. Any business with you is good business.

Rosek: Response?

::Roshanara crossed her arms, now leaning against the forcefield support at one end of the cell.::

Rahman: As you probably surmised, we've arrived at your lost warbird.

Kallo: Ah. You're finally getting an up close and personal look at true history.

Rahman: Yes, it is very real... and we're experiencing technical difficulties during our operations. Communications interference, transporter inhibition... but I suspect you already knew that.

::Kallo sat on the small bunk.::

Kallo: And what might give you that impression?

::The captain glanced back to the security crewman, dropping the forcefield - much to Blake's obvious distaste, the ranger now standing squarely between the cell and the exit to the Brig.::

Rahman: You've been here before. The interference we're detecting is due to a rather toxic cocktail of elements, not just your typical tetryon radiation we see elsewhere in the Shoals. And I remember now where I've seen a similar pattern.

::And she gestured to some pieces of debris on the table - no doubt minuscule pieces of the con Kallo used to get himself here. Other more complete pieces looked otherwise unfamiliar to the Ranger, but if they were here, the likelihood that they'd once been Kallo's was high.::

Rahman: Your ship. At least what was recovered from it.

Kallo: A pity, yes.

Blake: *Unnecessary*.

Rosek: Response?

Rahman: You didn't just get a hint to the location of this warbird. You were here. So tell me now, Mr. Ver -- or Kallo, since we've gotten to know each other better over the last few days: what happened the last time you were here?

::Uncertain, his eyes flickered to Blake - as if her presence was supposed to make him more comfortable. This was one of the few times where he was speaking frankly, without that posh sarcasm lacing his words.::

Kallo: I arrived at Outpost Loa knowing that that I would inevitably be in troubled waters once my employers found out I was holding out on them. I'd just finished decoding the Romulan distress signal, and when I claimed to them I hadn't found anything of use, they got antsy. I didn't know at the time what I'd need from you, just that I'd eventually need it. Once I'd arranged that, I moved on to this area of space to investigate exactly what was here.

Rosek: Response?

Kallo: With the Orion Syndicate, you always bargain with half of what you *actually* have. But to return to them empty handed is dangerous.

Rahman/Rosek: Response?

Kallo: Honestly? I didn't find out. I took what evidence I needed to prove my theory, and booked it out of there.

Blake: That's surprisingly uncharacteristic of you, given that you generally over-stay your welcome anyway you go.

::His eyes flickered over to the Brekkazoid.::

Kallo: You're a widow, Commander. Born out of ash and fire with just five years of life under your belt. The things that scare you are complex - they are very real problems. But some of us are simply spooked by a darkened corridor.

::The glare she held for him eased somewhat, her eyes flickering down. The last time she'd been in the same room with Kallo, it had been in the aftermath of the Maelstrom - he'd been supposedly smuggling people off a planet, and while today he acted all high and mighty, there were a few moments when they'd both been pinned to the ground of that run-down freighter where she'd seen him genuinely fear for his life - and hers. The Valtese man prided himself on being "unordinary" - never extraordinary - and planned or not, there was a reason he seemed strangely appreciative of being locked in the Brig.::

::Though part of her was really regretting having had meaningful conversations with Kallo during his first visit to their Brig.::

Rahman/Rosek: Response?

Kallo: During my studies, many cultures in the surrounding areas perceive this particular bit of space to be haunted. It's impossible to get communications in or out of here - likely why no one heard the Romulan distress signal. The ghost stories suggest that the crew perished aboard their ships - since no one took the time to confirm there were Romulans here to begin with, naturally this remained uncomfirmed.

Rahman/Rosek: Response?

Kallo: I didn't remain long enough to find out. I took what I needed and left. I may be a common criminal, but even I have respect for graveyards. ::He shuddered.:: Before I left, I began to have trouble with my warp drive. I was forced to drop out of warp in Marshal patrolled territory, thus the Tiger Lilly was impounded for some minor misdeeds at best.

::"Minor misdeeds". Blake's glare returned.::

Rahman/Rosek: Response?

Kallo: Escaping from Marshals is surprisingly easy once you've had practice. Retrieving a vessel from impound by oneself, not so much.

Rahman/Rosek: Response?

Tbc . . .

LtCmdr Sky Blake
USS Veritas

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