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Wil Ukinix

Feb 5, 2021, 10:55:44 PMFeb 5

((Abossaon Th'shriqak Memorial Animal Sanctuary, Donova IV))

Chicchoni: He has an illegal collection of rare animals from all over the quadrant, with no permits.  The CCMS don’t seem to want to do anything about him. Those animals are kept poorly and treated like they were his toys.  I am sure the Federation would frown upon such wanton neglect of such beautiful creatures.

Rahman: Certainly if there is evidence of wrongdoing, we would be compelled to investigate…and I'm sure you have all the necessary documentation as well of course…

Of course she did.  Every time she asked for permits for her new animals, they were granted.  Never mind *how* she got them.  A greased palm here, a favour there.  But such was the culture of Donova IV.  She had managed to skirt around any direct interaction with The Administration (of course indirect contact was unavoidable, they were there in the background somewhere).  And that wasn’t out of spite or malice from either party.  It just suited them both that way.  If the Administration ever contacted her directly, it wouldn’t necessarily be either good or bad.  But from Maria’s point of view, it was best not to ever find out.

Chicchoni: I was investigated many, many times, and each time rightly exonerated.  But now those rumours are sand off a Ceti Eel’s back.  ::Tilts head:: Would you like to see our Ceti Eel collection, Captain?

Rahman: Perhaps another time.

Parker: Indeed, another time…

At that moment she recalled a story about Starfleet officers from a century earlier that she was told when she took ownership of the rare creatures.  A small smirk permeated her face, no wonder they weren’t keen to see them.

Shepherd: Response

Chicchoni: They’re in a perfectly safe enclosure, with a double layer of force fields, but I understand, officers.

Maria guided the cart towards a path that had a sign indicating it was called “Shoals Road”.  It was the row of enclosures that contained rescued animals native to the Shoals.

Rahman: Actually, Gorgeous George had asked to perform for my crew--aboard our ship if you can believe it. Ensign Shepherd, what was your impression of the man?

Chicchoni: oO He beat me to contacting Starfleet first.  Damn him! Oo

Shepherd: Response 

Chicchoni: Hmmph.  He’s a pig of a man.  Not that I’ve personally met him.  But I’ve heard he is *obsessed* with me.  Spreading rumours about my late dear husband Abossaon.  Now at least a third of the planet thinks I was responsible for his disappearance.  They were friends, you know.   It could have been him, but no-one dare suggest it.  Why is that?

As they made their way towards the Ketarian Panda enclosure, Maria slowed down.  The enclosure on the inside contained tall trees that were mostly green but showed an orange tinge.  From the roots of those trees grew smaller trees on strange angles trying to get as much sunlight as they could from the transparent force field above.

Rahman: Response

Chicchoni: This is the Ketarian Panda enclosure.  They’re nothing like pandas on Earth, even though they look like miniature orange versions of them.They are very shy and can be tricky to spot.  We’ve transplanted Rākauaraka trees from Ketar V and have a small weather controller to match the planet’s atmosphere.

Shepherd/Parker/Rahman: Response

Chicchoni: ::Pointing, smiling:: There.  Near the third root tree on the far right.  There’s two of them, feeding.  Ketarian Pandas eats roots and leaves.

Shepherd/Parker/Rahman: Response

Chicchoni: Most of the animals we have at the Abossaon are rescued from collectors, traders, smugglers.  But these poor dears are different, we rescued them from Ketar V itself.  The ship building yards have seen the panda’s numbers reduce dramatically.  We’ve begun a breeding programme in the hopes to increase their population.

Rahman/Shepherd/Parker: Response

They made their way past multiple enclosures for a host of Shoal’s animals, with Maria describing a story for each.

The Antorian Drake Scorpion that was saved from a bounty hunter’s ship.  The Karakkan Krakens, large sea ice dwelling creatures that were found on a freighter ship raided by the CCMS, destined to end up fried on the table of an unknown (at least to Maria) criminal syndicate’s boss.  An array of native birds from the far side of Bupirninyirring that was found in a shipping container bound for Klingon territory.

Until finally, they reached the newly built and very large enclosure at the end of Shoals Road.

Chicchoni: Here she is, our latest edition.  ::Hand on chest, sigh, smile::  Monet, our new resident Cakapunnual tiger.

The tiger sat up from her resting spot before preening the top of her large head with her paws.  She then looked at the cart and its occupants, before giving a relaxed and disinterested “roar” in a similar way that a domestic Earth cat would meow.

Chicchoni: Oh, look!  She’s a dear.  We’ve only had her for a week, she’s already very popular.  We’ve had many people come to see her.  An anonymous donator had her freed from a rogue pleasure cruiser and donated her here, so she can have a better home.  A better life.

Rahman/Shepherd/Parker: Response

At the end of the road was a small shelter.  Inside was a series of shelves that included stuffed toy versions of the animals that lived on Shoals Road, including very cute and cuddly versions of the Ketarian Panda.  In front of them was a table, with an array of food and drink.  Maria pulled up the kart in front of the structure.

Chicchoni: ::Looking around at officers, smiling:: Refreshments?

Before any of them could answer, she exited the cart and walked towards the table.  On it was a varying selection of luxurious finger foods, and non-alcoholic drinks.

Chicchoni: Help yourselves.  ::Pointing at shelves:: Oh, and if you see a soft toy you like, please take one.  I appreciate your visit.

Rahman/Shepherd/Parker: Response

On the corner of the table sat a PADD.  Maria picked it up, tapped it, and then handed it to Captain Rahman.

Chicchoni: Captain, this is a known inventory of the animals that George has, along with where it’s through they originated.  It is a long list.  How he has got such a large collection is even more of a mystery than what his real name is.  He has almost as many as the Sanctuary!  Except that he uses his collection for – hmmph – entertainment.

She hoped that would be enough for Starfleet to take notice.

Rahman/Shepherd/Parker: Response








Maria Chicchoni
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Abossaon Th'shriqak Memorial Animal Sanctuary

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