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Wil Ukinix

Jul 15, 2020, 11:09:51 PM7/15/20

((Corridor, Deck 6, USS Veritas))

Ukinix: ::Quietly singing to himself:: Now-it’s three in the mor-nin’…. And I’m try-na’ change-your mind…

Wil rounded the corridor, and made his way towards sickbay.

Ukinix: ::Quietly singing to himself:: Left-you mul-ti-ple missed calls,  and to my me-ssage you re-ply…

He continued singing quietly as he walked through the sickbay doors..

Ukinix: ::Quietly singing to himself:: Why’d-you on-ly call-me when-you’re-

...until he saw two new faces in sickbay.

Ukinix: Hi?

Romjen/Alken: Responses

With a warm smile, he moved towards the two new additions to the crew.

Ukinix: G’day, Doctors.  Lieutenant Commander Wil Ukinix.  ::offering hand:: Wil.  Great to meet you both.

Romjen/Alken: Responses

: Well, I have a history of putting off medicals, but since things are quiet while we finish ship repairs, I thought I may as well get mine done.

Romjen/Alken: Responses

Ukinix: As far as I know, all healthy.  ::Smirk, wink:: Nothing a cheeky cab sauv couldn’t fix.

Romjen/Alken: Responses

Wil followed their instructions, and recalled the only thing he could think of.

((Flashback – About a week earlier, Engineering Upper Deck, Deck 7))


When Charlena collapsed to the floor and pulled at her hair, her emotions were stronger than ever.  He wasn’t sure if it was the smoke, or the overload of strong emotions from Char, but everything momentarily looked a little fuzzy, and turned a slight shade of blue.  He squinted his eyes and pinched them with his thumb and forefinger, before opening his eyes.  With his vision unblurred and everything the normal colour again, he lowered himself to his knees next to Char, and spoke quietly to her.

Ukinix: ::Quietly:: Hey, Lieutenant.

((End Flashback))

Ukinix: One incident during our encounter with the pirates where my vision went all blurry for a split second.  It’s happened before though, Doctor del Vedova told me it can happen in high stress moments.

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Lieutenant Commander Wil Ukinix

Chief Engineer

USS Veritas


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