[V-B] Flt. Capts. Kells & Egan Manno: Pip pip hurray! (Part 1)

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Tony Colella

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(( Bridge, USS Veritas ))

::When Roshanara saw her two guests step onto the bridge, she decided she’d be the one to make the announcement. She stood up swiftly from her command chair.::

Rahman: Fleet captains on the bridge.

::The other officers around her turned their heads, not expecting the call to attention, and then immediately followed suit. ::

Kells: Oh, at ease, at ease. We’re not here to be official.

:: Cassie tried to catch his eye before he stepped out onto the bridge proper, but he unintentionally went right past her. She frowned slightly as she followed a step behind, because “to be official” was exactly what they were there to do. That was the whole reason they’d stuck around once the wedding and reception had ended. But Cassie couldn’t very well order everyone back to attention, and so she turned her frown into the sort of smile the situation warranted. ::

Egan Manno: We are, after a fashion. But in a positive way, I hope.

:: Delano had been tasked with greeting the two guests to the ship, and with providing them with an abridged tour of the Veritas. The bridge was their final stop, per Captain Rahman’s instructions. ::  

:: In many ways, the Veritas bridge reflected the ship itself - more of a workhorse than the Galaxy or Cardiff-class ships the flag officers were probably more accustomed to at this stage in their careers. Still, it was clean and functional and well-maintained. ::

Delano: Welcome to the bridge.

:: Mei’konda had been at his console, behind and to the right of the Captain’s chair.  The wedding and their honeymoon afterward had been wonderful, and he felt refreshed and glad to be back at work.  Repairs on the Veritas had been finished, and all he had to do now was sign off on the reports.  Roshanara hadn’t told him that Kells and Egan Manno were coming to wish them well, and he turned to face the two Captains, smiling. ::

Mei’konda: Ah, Captains, welcome aboard.

Rahman: Well, it’s not every day I’m honored to have two fleet captains on my bridge. It felt right to have a little formality for the occasion.

:: The Caitian smiled.  A star-studded sendoff. A good way to head back into the Shoals. ::

Egan Manno: It’s not every day I get to visit the lead ship of a new class.

:: In truth, she’d been itching to get aboard Roshanara’s ship. Since her previous XO--albeit only for a few days, before Aron had taken over Garuda’s command when she had been promoted--had achieved her own unique command, Cassie had wanted to take a closer look. She and Roshanara were both engineers by trade, and she felt sure that they could share a lot of time talking about the ship. But, she reminded herself, that’s not what they were there to do. Plus, it was Aron’s turn to give her a look askance. They weren’t there to admire their surroundings, after all. ::

::The Kriosian then looked over her shoulder back towards her first officer standing at his post.::

Rahman: Commander, if you will please come around and step in front of the viewscreen.


Fleet Captains Aron Kells & Cassandra Egan Manno
Commanders of Invicta Expedition and Astrofori One Mission, respectively


Captain Roshanara Rahman
CO, USS Veritas


Lieutenant Commander Mei’konda

First Officer

USS Veritas



Lieutenant Commander Evan Delano
Operations Officer
USS Veritas

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