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Jansen Orrey/Henning Hext

Jun 19, 2019, 5:02:16 PM6/19/19
to UFOP: StarBase 118 – USS Veritas

((Medical Center, Ketar V))

::The team of three Veritas crew were standing in the aged holochamber as Henning worked at the arch trying to get the program to load.::

Hext: Come on you ancient piece of…

::He kicked the arch with the side of his boot and the room flickered away from the grid base to the grungy and grimey back alley behind a building.::

Hext: This is the rear entrance of the Explosive Decompression Bar. Mainly a staff entrance and makeshift bathroom for patrons as closing time nears.

Delano/Teller/El Sayid: Response?

Hext: ::pointing to the end of the alley near a refuse container.:: There is where the body was placed, seated leaning against the container. Person who found the body was back here to relieve himself. ::smirking as he read off the PADD:: Between complaining about his foreman he explained that he thought the man was sleeping. It wasn’t until he went to wake him he realized the man was deceased.

El Sayid/Teller: Response

Hext: Stab wounds over the chest and stomach. At least..::checking the PADD as he joined the other three.:: Seventy wounds, but according the doctor there could be more, they just started blending together at that point.

Teller/Delano: Response


PNPC Inspector Marshall Henning Hext

CCMS Liaison

USS Veritas


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